kim-jong-un-horse_2646985k[1]After Ronald Reagan ended the cold war, there were many on the left and right that said America couldn’t maintain its status without an adversary that would challenge us to continue to excel.

North Korea, who has engaged us in a cyber war, won going away when Sony pulled the release of a movie the Korean tin horn dictator objected to.  On the same day, Obama traded five Cuban spies for an American civilian citizen that had been held in Cuba for five  years.  Obama also announced he had been in negotiations with the Cuban government for 18 months on recognizing the island government.  We will establish diplomatic relations, including embassies, without Cuba making any changes in human rights or freedoms.  It makes one wonder what took 18 months?

Since 2007, statistically all employment growth in the United States has come from illegal immigrants while native-born American employment has decreased by 2%.  The Bush Administration did nothing to attempt to correct this and the Obama Administration has followed the same policy.  Obama has even used his Executive Orders to make the problem permanent for America.  The costs to society are now a permanent part of our country.

Russia, even though it’s economy is in shambles, along with China and Iran, are talking about removing the American dollar from the currency used as the standard for the oil market.  The 9 Trillion dollar debt is expected to double under Obama to $18 Trillion.  It’s grown to over $17 Trillion with two years to go.  When interest rates in the U.S. go back to normal (Fed Funds Rate currently at .25%) we will be paying more in interest each year then we spend on defense.  And each year after, our interest bill will increase as the debt continues to rise.  That’s third world stuff here.

I think it is safe to say that America’s role as superpower are past for the foreseeable future.  The horizon looks bleak for the world.  As America steps back, which it must, due to the state of our economy, there is no-one on the horizon who is poised to step up.  When there is a natural disaster, who will step in with food, medical help and all the other aid we provide?  I don’t see anyone willing to fill that void.  I see several countries that want the military power to dictate their views on others.  China, Russia, Iran, maybe even France, but I see no-one who is willing to lead in the other humanitarian areas.

America can recover its leadership in the world, but many changes will have to take place.  Our debt must be reduced dramatically, we need to settle our immigration problem.  When we fight wars, we must be determined to win or not get involved at all.  We also need to decide who our friends are, and determine our foreign aid accordingly.  All these items deserve more words than this post will allow, but you get the idea.  America can come back but it must get its house in order first.

The world is waiting.  Will we respond?


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