Putin_bare_chested_2691631k[1]I was going to write a post on something entirely different.  Maybe I’ll use some of that material in the future or finish that post at a later date.  Some things are going on that I feel I have to address, and address now.

The United States Senate is set to release a report that they have been working on for 6 years.  This report will in detail describe how we used waterboarding and other techniques to extract information from prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, and other locations outside of the United States.

The Obama Administration, in a sign of weakness, has been releasing the most dangerous enemy prisoners in Gitmo.  Another six were just sent to South America (Uruguay).  We are now down to 134 prisoners there.  Once the number is under a hundred, and only lower level prisoners remaining, Obama can move to close the prison, (a campaign promise).  Even though many of these former prisoners return to the battlefield, his promise to his liberal base is more important than America’s security or the safety of our troops.

The report will name foreigners who assisted us in using these techniques, in capturing foreign al Qaeda fighters, and friendly governments that did America’s dirty work at secret locations around the world.

The intelligence experts say there will be reprisals against our foreign friends, both personal and governmental.  They say there will be action against our troops, embassies, and bases around the world.

Our foreign friends, who did our bidding, will never trust or help us again.  I am sure they have watched and know we have not captured one high level combatant since this Administration came to power.

The world has watched as our economy has floundered.  They watch as our military is being cut to levels below our unprepared state before World War II.  At that time, we had the “Greatest Generation” roll up their sleeves and went to work and war to fight for our country.  Look at the news on TV today.  As our cities are brought to a halt by “demonstrators” and burned and looted by “protestors,” do you think Putin sees anyone who will defend America?  The answer is a resounding “NO!”

Putin is dumping dollars, trying to devalue our currency.  He is working with Iran and China trying to replace dollars with a new currency as the world standard for oil trades.  After all, the United States has increased it’s debt by 70% in the last six years.  A large part of this debt is owned by China, and if China decided to dump this debt on the open market our inflation here at home would skyrocket.

China has surpassed the United States as the largest economy in the world.  This is caused by a combination of them growing and the U.S. economy being stagnant.  The U.S. has finally reached the total employment level we had when the Obama Administration came to office.  The Federal Government has had a steady attack on business that has accelerated in the past six years.  The Environmental Protection Agency has driven manufacturing from our shores.  This also moves employment with it.  The other agencies work in concert to do all they can to punish business at every opportunity.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with foreign affairs.  well, all these things make America weaker, and everyone from our friends to enemies know it.  This weakness causes our enemies to press us and confront us like never before.  No one is afraid of us anymore.  With us dumping on our allies, our friends are few and far between.  We will be perceived as weak and isolated in the world, which is what our enemies want to see, and that is very dangerous for us and the world.


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