1155968404_3907504213001_141124-hagel-resigns[1]The Secretary of Defense was forced to resign last week.  This position has been a revolving door during the Obama Administration.  Let’s take a look at what is happening behind closed doors in relation to the Defense Department.

The Administration has ignored the advise the military has supplied in relation to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran and any other nation regarding ISIS or al Qaeda.

Chuck Hagel had begun to voice his disagreements with the Obama decisions.  While he supported the Administration positions when he was confirmed for the job, as things changed around the world, so did his positions on how we should respond.  Today, the world is a different place than it was a year ago.  ISIS had grown from a small fringe group to a major force that has captured large parts of Iraq and Syria.

The bombing campaign has not been successful in defeating or even retarding ISIS from advancing into new territory.  While Hagel realizes that we need more troop protection for our troops and interests in the area, Obama is still clinging to the notion that we can continue to scale back our men and women while still having influence in the countries.

Obama has not been a President that listens to alternative positions.  To disagree with the President is a guarantee that you will leave the Administration.  Obama’s ego will not allow him to change his mind or listen to any experts from any area.  From education to nutrition, foreign policy, social issues, nuclear power or pollution, Obamas ego will not permit him to admit that experts that spent their entire careers working in their area of expertise know more about a subject than he does.  And anyone who disagrees with him is seen as so flawed, they must be removed from Obama’s sight.

Because Obama is so difficult to work for, no one wants the job of Defense Secretary.  The heavy responsibility of protecting our troops in foreign lands without the authority to do the job because of micro-management from the White House, has caused the top potential people to decline the offer.  Who would want the job when all you can do is echo what the boss says no matter what you think?  At this point it doesn’t matter how knowledgeable or how experienced the individual is because Obama will make all the military decisions anyway.

Some of the potential candidates declined to accept the position because they know that by accepting it would destroy any chance of serving a future President.  After Obama serves the next two years, anyone serving as Defense Secretary will be so tarnished, their chance for future service will be greatly diminished.

This is the reason that Secretary Gates, and Secretary Hagel have gone public with their criticisms.  They do not want the Administrations actions to reflect on them.  They also want to bring pressure on Obama to change tactics so we might actually win the war against ISIS.

Both men are opposed to releasing the prisoners at Gitmo.  It is now the policy to kill the enemy rather than capture them to gather intelligence because Obama wants to release all prisoners so he can keep his promise to close the base.  Gates and Hagel are against fighting these same former prisoners a second time.

The position will definitely go to a second or third tier person, not a top line name we may know.  Maybe Al Sharpton will be interested.


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