first-thanksgiving-2[1]Today is a day when we should all stand back and put aside Ferguson, ISIS, the Obama Administration, and all the other issues we debate the rest of the year.  This is a time for us to celebrate the things we enjoy in life.  It is a time we thank God, or whatever super being you believe in, or for those who don’t believe, then celebrate the earth or whatever.

The stories say the first Thanksgiving was celebrated with the Pilgrims and the Native Americans  they encountered upon their arrival in America.  The Native Americans, or Indians, knew the growing seasons, the climate, and how to survive the elements of this harsh environment.  The Pilgrims from Europe brought the knowledge of building structures, engineering, and other assets of an advanced society.

Now, we have an opportunity to spend a day enjoying friends and families, sharing a meal, and company of those we love.  This is a day when we can put all the worlds problems on the back burner, and just relish in the bounty of the gifts we have been given.  The problems will still be there tomorrow, but for today, let all of us put them aside to concentrate on good things.  It is good for the soul and also good for the heart.

This year, our family, and extended family has grown through new births and marriages.  We have also had some members pass.  We will celebrate the additions and remember those who left us.

While we give thanks for our blessings, let us not forget those who can not join us today.  Especially those who serve our nation in foreign lands.  We miss them and thank them for their service.

America has given us so much during our lifetimes.  Most of all security.  Our nation has protected us and our ancestors through the generations.  Our land is rich in natural resources that we use to make our lives better.  America feeds the world.

America, let’s celebrate the day.  Talk to you again soon.


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