US President Barack Obama pauses while sThe President said he would take this step without giving the new Congress a chance to act.  He actually rushed the Executive Order to write the immigration law before the new Congress begins.  The President says his action will affect 5 million illegals.  New estimates say it will affect over 11 million.  If all of the underground illegals surfaced, the number might exceed over 15 million.  That is the type of growth in numbers we saw with the past amnesty legislation.

President Obama is not only fine tuning a law Congress passed, he is reversing the text and context of the immigration laws currently  in effect.

Obama’s position is that Congress isn’t functioning as it should.  I disagree.  Many of the best acts of Congress is the legislation it debated and refused to pass.  Refusing to pass bills is Congress taking action.

The job and responsibility of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government is to execute the laws passed by the Congress and signed by the President.  Nowhere in the Constitution are there powers given to the President to create law.  That power is specifically granted to the Legislative Branch.

The President says he is upset with Congress for not passing an immigration bill.  That’s why he is acting.  The Republicans have stated one of their first actions is to tackle this issue.  Obama is jumping out in front on the issue because he knows the Republican Congress will put a bill on his desk.  He can’t let that happen.  He will be looking for a reason to veto the Republican legislation.  Obama will do all he can to avoid entering “lame duck” status.  His ego won’t permit that to happen.  He also can’t let the Republicans have a win.

Let’s look at who benefits and who is hurt by Obama’s Executive Order.  The illegals benefit the most.  They can now work legally in the U.S.  They will also be eligible for social services.  In America, we do not allow anyone to starve.  They will be eligible for housing assistance, welfare and all the other services.  The businesses that provide these services also benefit.  The will have an influx of new people to supply services to.  Big agriculture will have an influx of cheap labor to work their farms and pick their crops.  Mexico will benefit from the wages sent back to the families that remain there.

Hispanics, Blacks, and other minorities that were born here or came here legally will be hurt.  The illegals will be fighting with these groups for the jobs at the lower end of the economic scale.  Taxpayers will be burdened with increased costs of maintaining the illegals.  Healthcare and education are some of the areas that will suffer increased costs due to the influx of the illegals.  The southwestern states will suffer the bulk of the costs of helping these people, because that is where most have located.  These states will feel the strain on their budgets.

Obama promises that the southern border will be sealed.  This is a promise made in the past immigration bills.  Somehow that part of the plan never seems to be accomplished.  I see no reason why it will be sealed this time.


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