14161705682199635378_600x400[1]President Obama has two years left in his term of office.  Most Presidents during their second term spend most of their energy on foreign affairs.  It is time for Obama to create his legacy.

On his visit to Asia this past week, Obama met with the leaders of China and Russia.  Both showed him no respect.

President Putin has shown his lack of respect for the United States with his actions in Ukraine.  Putin continues to send troops and equipment over the border into Ukraine and at the same time denies his actions.  Russia has been identified as one of the countries that has been hacking into American companies computer systems and stealing personal information of their customers.  They also have been hacking into the government systems.  Obama has raised the issue of Russia’s expansion in the Ukraine, but has not raised the computer question.  Why not?  Isn’t it important to the President that Russia collects Social Security numbers, credit card numbers and spending histories of American citizens?  Putin has started flying his bombers close to American shores as a way to show Obama what he thinks of American threats to increase sanctions.

Our President met with the Chinese President, Xi Jinping, to discuss climate control.  According to Obama aides, there was no previous agreement with the Chinese before the trip.  The treaty Obama negotiated calls for a 26 to 28% reduction in American carbon pollution by 2025, while China takes no action until 2030 when many of the Chinese power plants are scheduled to need replacing because they will be at the end of their useful lives.  At that point, China is supposed to stop their “growth” in carbon pollution, but are not required to stop their carbon pollution growth.  America’s pollution reduction will again cost American jobs while costing the Chinese nothing.  China also was identified as a nation that was attacking America on the internet.  They have infiltrated American industry just like Russia.  White House sources said Obama never raised the issue with the Chinese.

November 28th is the extended date for Iran to stop making nuclear material for their weapons program.  Iran has stated they will continue making high grade nuclear material.  Added to their work on long range missile development, this rogue state is close to creating instability to the region and the world.  Last week the Iranian President, Hassan Rouhani, again issued a statement saying Israel should be wiped from the face of the earth.  The Iranian government may take action against Israel when they have a nuclear weapon and a means of delivery to take Israel out.  They know the Obama Administration would probably not commit U.S. troops to war under any circumstances, especially to defend Israel.  Iran might be willing to commit ground troops to assist us in our fight against ISIS if the U.S. backs off on the nuclear question.

The Keystone XL Pipeline also effects foreign policy.  Obama continues to do all he can to keep America dependent on oil from the Arab states in the Middle East.  That is the primary reason I expect him to veto the pipeline if a bill ever reaches his desk.  All the drilling in America has been on private land with the new fracking technology.  The Federal Government continues to buy land that holds energy deposits and removes it from potential exploration.

It is not just our enemies who do not respect America.  Europe has lost faith in America.  NATO knows America will not come to Europe’s defense in case Putin makes moves against them.  America is perceived as weak by our enemies and friends alike.


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