635507424507070283-rwh2014ernst00518[1]The elections are over and the Republicans are in control of both houses of the legislature.  Now that the GOP has won, what lies ahead for the next two years?

The Republicans have an obligation to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  President Obama will promptly veto the legislation.  The House of Representatives will vote to overturn the veto, but the Senate will fail to get the 2/3 vote to override.  Then both sides will have that obligation behind them.  Then the real works starts.

President Obama is known for not working well with others.  He now has a choice, compromise with Congress and get part of what he wants or poison the atmosphere so nothing is accomplished for the next two years.  For this discussion I will assume the President will play nice.

Congress must pass a Federal Budget for the first time in 5 years.  This document does not require Presidential approval.  The President signs or vetoes the various appropriation bills underlining the budget Congress passed.  There will be many disagreements between the parties.  The Republicans will fund border security.  The democrats will be opposed.  Hopefully, the two sides will reach a compromise each side can live with.

ISIS, also known as Daesh in the Middle East, has been successful despite the U.S. bombing campaign.   It is time to introduce American troops on the ground.  We can not allow this group to continue to grow both in troop strength and real estate.  The Republicans can take the blame for the shift in policy, allowing Obama to appear loyal to his base.

The borders will be secured by the Republicans before an immigration bill passes Congress.  But, the Republicans will have to promise that after the border is secure, an immigration bill will be sent to the White House.  Congress needs to explain to the legal immigrants that the illegals are taking their jobs.

A comprehensive energy bill should be passed early on, including the Keystone Pipeline and energy exploration on federal lands.  All efforts should be made to make America energy independent as soon as possible.

The Affordable Care Act should be modified to allow people to keep their existing insurance plans.  Requiring senior citizens to carry maternity and abortion coverage makes no sense.  It is also important for people to be able to keep the doctors they know and trust.  There are other provisions that need to be looked upon and adjusted.

Our economy is in shambles.  Manufacturing has left America.  Legislation needs to be passed to bring our manufacturers back home.  Included in this legislation should be major tax reform and regulation reform.  Americans need to go back to work.

For the Republican Congress to pass these types of legislation, compromises will be required.  There should be a way to bring the Democrats along with them without destroying the integrity of the intent of the bills.  If the legislation is presented as bipartisan then it is much harder for Obama to veto.

The question will be, is President Obama’s ego so large that he can’t function in the job?  The President will have to compromise with Congress in order for the country to move forward.  Can he do it?  Does he want to do it?


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