President%20Barack%20Obama-PFR-009851[1]The mid-term elections reflect America’s dislike for our President.  Obama is ruling over an America that is dissatisfied with the way the country is headed.

Economy – The best way to describe the state of our economy is look at jobs.  Because of trade agreements, not all Obama’s deals, have moved many manufacturing jobs offshore to other countries.  Manufacturing was the largest majority of middle-income employment in decades past, but each decade saw smaller and smaller numbers as new trade agreements enabled companies to move operations to countries with smaller wages, less regulations, and much lower taxes.

Technology has gotten to the point where jobs are lost as machines become better and better.  Our brain power has replaced workers of the past generation.

College grads, who are saddled with massive debt and a lack of employment opportunities fight with laid off manufacturing workers for part-time, minimum wage jobs with no benefits.

The Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare, has caused small business, which is responsible for 80% of job creation, to cut employment because of the fear that costs will rise to a level where they can no longer afford to stay in business.

The Obama Administration tells us every day how wonderful he has done with the economy, and any problems were all due to the Bush Administration.  He has not shown that he has the faintest idea what the people are actually suffering.


Borders & Illegals – The Administration refuses to patrol our southern border.  The border agents have been reassigned to do administrative duties instead of patrolling and stopping illegals from entering.  Agents are required to catch illegals and take them to a processing center instead of stopping them from entering.  After processed, they are released until their hearing.  94% do not appear for the hearing.  No one goes looking for them because everyone is too busy processing all the new ones.

Ranchers along with border agents along the border have found Muslim items along the trails entering the country.  Members of al Qaeda or ISIS have been caught trying to enter.

The real problem is Hispanic aliens who have committed crimes in the U.S.  Some of these men have been deported several times.  Because we don’t patrol the border there is nothing stopping them from re-entering.

These illegals are taking work from those who have entered legally.  The illegals work for less than minimum wage under the table so the employers are paying no taxes or social security on their employment.  This displaces the legal Hispanics from employment.


Foreign Affairs – Obama has strived to remove America from the world.  We left Iraq, and are leaving Afghanistan.  We tell all in the Middle East that we will bomb ISIS but we won’t put “feet on the ground.”  That dirty work is left to others.  No wonder there is a lack of enthusiasm.

The fact that bombings and troops are needed is an American failure.  We left too soon.  Obama refused to listen to the experts around him; he thought he knew better.

We no longer are the leader of the free world.  The problem is that no other nation has stepped up to take our place.  NATO is under attack from Russia because of this lack of leadership.

Iran is stonewalling us in the nuclear bomb discussions.  The show no respect for America.  Why should they when we are slowly giving them everything they want.  Iran will probably have their weapon by the time Obama leaves office.


These are some of the reasons the Republicans should gain many seats in the elections on Tuesday.  If the results don’t show Republican control of the U.S. Senate Wednesday morning, the entire Republican establishment should be discarded.  That includes the outside consultants such as Karl Rove, who spent millions of dollars to defeat all the Tea Party candidates during the primaries.

The U.S. Senate, under the control of Majority Leader Harry Reid, has enabled Obama to run these policies for the past six years.  Several of these Senators were elected in the Obama landslide of 2008 for the first time.  They should be ripe for replacement.  The time for change is now.


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