ap_holder_121003_wg[1]Let’s see if I got this right.  We are discharging career military, many who are currently in the Middle East, in harms way.  Now we are accepting illegal aliens to take their place.

For the first time in history, our troops in Europe are led by a foreigner.

A radical Muslim killing and beheading an American  in Oklahoma and attempting to kill another is considered work place violence.  Now, do you feel better?

Obama recently said the economy is better than when Reagan was in office.  Feel better?

The President said the intelligence agencies dropped the ball on ISIS.  Congress got the same briefings and they knew.

Obama missed over half the daily CIA briefing.  That’s O.K. because he could have read the written reports, or not.

Holder will be remembered for what he didn’t do, not what he did.

Holder did not prosecute the Black Panthers in Philadelphia for voter intimidation.

Holder was found in Contempt of Congress over “Fast and Furious,” but was saved when Obama claimed Executive Privilege, thereby saying the Chief Executive was involved in the scandal.

The investigation into the surveillance of reporters covering the White House could not find any wrong doing.  No Special Prosecutor was appointed.

Lois Lerner, of IRS fame, was found in Contempt of Congress.  Holder has not interviewed anyone in the investigation to date.  No Special Prosecutor has been appointed.

The Administration refuses to secure our southern border.  Qurans and prayer rugs have been found on the American side of the border, but the government claims no Muslims have crossed.  Feel better?

As ISIS claims they will raise their flag over the White House and again in New York City, we continue to cut our military budget.

The Affordable Care Act has created more uninsured than before the act was passed.

70% of the illegal aliens who have been processed have not shown up for their hearings.  The Justice Department does not consider this a problem.  But we have to give the kids a free education.

All the illegal kids in American schools can demand to be taught in their native language.

Number of people on food stamps went from 34.1 million to 41.6 million while Obama has been in office.

Family income has dropped $1,500 since Obama entered office.

Full time employment with benefits has declined and part time employment with no benefits has increased while Obama has been in office.

Obama has been studying for 6 years and can’t reach a decision on the Keystone Pipeline.

While Obama keeps talking to Iran about their nuclear program, they keep right on building it.

Iran is the world leader in terrorism.

Oil drilling and production has increased rather dramatically the past 6 years.  It’s all on private land.  Public land is off limits.  Obama still takes credit.

Obama sends more troops to fight ebola than to fight ISIS.

Anyone else think Israel is the spokesmen for the free world?

Our national debt, which has grown from $9 trillion when Obama took office to $17.5 trillion today will be the downfall of America.




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