syrian-refugees-turkey-01_83930_990x742[1]Terrorism is coming to our shores.  It will strike our cities and towns like never before.  Are we ready?  ISIS has stated they will raise their flag in New York and Washington, D.C.  Are we ready?

The Administration says our borders are secure.  Do you believe that?  Our border agents aren’t even patrolling anymore.  They wait for the illegals to cross and take them to the centers to get processed.  There is no attempt to stop anyone from entering.  Now that the heat of summer is over, we can expect the numbers to start going up again.

Pakistanis, Afghanis, and Syrians have all been caught crossing the border.  The problem is the ones who haven’t been caught.  The border agents have found Qurans, prayer rugs and dictionaries.  These were dropped by illegals who didn’t get caught.  How many came across?  Who knows.  Certainly not the government.

Last week, during sworn testimony before Congress, the head of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, didn’t know that four known members of al Qaeda were caught entering the country.  Either that or he was deliberately lying to Congress.  Over the last four years 57 Iranians were caught entering the country.  How many do you think weren’t caught?  Do you think these people were coming here to live the American dream?  Are we ready?

Our military is being cut to the bone.  Most of the reduction in our fighting force is coming from experienced officers.  These are the soldiers who have been in the fight for multiple tours in the Middle East.  Some of these soldiers got their pink slips while in the battle zone.  What will be left is a bunch of inexperienced soldiers who will rapidly move up the promotion ranks to fill the void.  These will be the soldiers who will lead the next group into battle.  Will they be ready?

Back in July, the President appointed a new Chief of Staff for United States’ Army Europe.  Brig. General Markus Laubenthal.  He has an excellent resume.  Everything is positive except he is not an American.  He is German.  This is the first time in our history that area commands have been non Americans.  Will our troops follow him into battle?  Our European forces have been cut back rather dramatically.  We no longer have any tanks in Europe.  Our navy is the smallest it has been since before World War II.  More military cuts are due again this year.  Are we really ready?

Obama has refused to go to Congress for authorization to begin the bombing.  He has 180 days before Congress has to act.  There is a real question as to whether Congress would approve the action.  Americans are beheaded just for being American and Congress might not approve the action.  The radical Muslims say they will raise their flag over a conquered America and Congress still might not approve the action.  Are we really ready?

The United Nations, under the Refugee Resettlement Program, are moving refugees from the Middle East to America.  We have all heard how Christians have been slaughtered by ISIS.  It is not the Christians who are arriving.  It is the Muslims.  Obama’s immigration rules favor Muslims over Christians.  The first group, from Syria, was settled in New Jersey.  There is a promise of more to come.  Are we ready?





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