david_haines_bannerv2[1]Obama spoke to the nation about his plans to confront ISIS.  It was the first time he spoke about foreign affairs where he appeared confident.  In the past he always appeared contradictory or asked forgiveness for America.

No sooner did the media get out the door, the spokesmen at the State Department and the White House started backpedaling Obama’s strong words.

The United States told the world we will lead the attack on ISIS.  But we will not be doing the fighting.  That will be left to others.  We will drop the bombs from above, but will not do any of the dirty work on the ground.  We will hire “others” to do that.

The President has no intention of doing whatever is necessary to defeat ISIS.  He was forced to act because he was so criticized for playing golf after the beheading while on vacation.  If he wouldn’t have been caught, he probably wouldn’t have responded at all.

With the U.S. being so lackluster in our plan, other nations are reluctant to join the fight.  They all watched while we abandoned the fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.  They do not want to be a part of a halfhearted effort.  Great Britain has said no thanks.  Prime Minister Cameron has spoken tough but declined to join the American plan of limited action.  Turkey has said no to joining in and declines to allow the U.S. from using their air bases for the attacks.  Saudi Arabia has joined in, sort of.  They will not supply troops on the ground but will supply other support such as use of a base to train up to 5000 ground forces supplied by others.  Europe has banded together to take some undefined action, but it may be separate from the U.S.

Obama has not stated a clear cut goal for the proposed action.  He has muddled his words.  The strength of his speech has been negated by his staff as soon as he left the podium.  Obama has not told the American public or Congress where the massive funding will come from to finance this war, or whatever they decide to call it.  Without funding, any action will fail.  Obama also did not explain to America or the rest of the world why ISIS is a threat to America and the rest of the globe.

The President has not been successful in getting the moderate nations of the region to join in in a major way.  These nations see a lack of resolve by America.  The leadership America has supplied in the past is lacking.  If America would pull back without the job being completed (Afghanistan and Iraq), these nations would be left with the mess to clean up.  If that were to happen, they do not want to be caught on the wrong side.

The President is being forced to act by forces beyond his control.  He does not want to enter this fight and that is apparent to all who hear him.  He will do as little as possible.  The problem is that Iraq and Syria are only one point of the conflict.  Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Libya, and a host of other countries have radical groups like ISIS, or ISIS itself operating openly.  This is a global problem.  The President has not explained this to America or the world.

While the President states America will not have troops on the ground, there are currently over  a thousand American troops on the ground now with another 450 to be deployed soon.


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