article-2730503-20B1839000000578-808_634x460Let me begin by saying I have been sick as a dog for the past ten days.  Add to that my computers were severely infected with viruses and malware.  My soon to be son in law came to my rescue with the computers.  The desktop runs better and faster than it has in years and my laptop has come back to life.  Thank you Rish.

Iraq and Syria are a mess.  We are bombing ISIS or ISIL (whatever they call themselves today) in Iraq to protect “U.S. interests.”  The radical Muslims beheaded an American media person and placed the video of the killing on social media for the world to see.  ISIS plans on taking over the entire Middle East, utilizing all their oil, gas and other natural resources to further their aims.

Egypt and U.A.E. attacked ISIS without so much as a heads up to the U.S.  Egypt also negotiated a temporary cease fire between Hamas, the Palestinians, and Israel.  The U.S. was excluded from the discussions.

Iran is marching toward a nuclear weapon.  They just announced another missed date on inspection of their nuclear facilities.  The U.S. again said O.K.  Iran continues to develop their delivery system (missiles) to reach Israel and eventually the mainland United States.

North Korea, which already has a nuclear weapon, continues to develop their missile system.  Their goal is to be able to reach America with their missiles.

Russia says it is not invading Ukraine while troops and weapons stream across the border.  Putin continues to rebuild the old Soviet Union one nation at a time.  His real goal is the destruction of NATO.  When Putin advances against a NATO member and the U.S. doesn’t respond, NATO will be finished.  We ignore Russia’s advances across Eastern Europe.

China is reasserting itself in Southeast Asia.  They are becoming more vocal about their sphere of influence in the area.  They are claiming more area than international law recognizes.  Their dispute with Japan over ownership of some of the islands might become the worlds next “hotspot.”

David Cameron, Prime Minister of Great Britain, cancelled his vacation and returned home to meet with his advisors.  He addressed his nation to help prepare them for what was to come.  He will address them again today to tell them his plans for the future.  He is showing leadership in addressing ISIS.  He is preparing his nation for what is to come.

Compare that to Obama who doesn’t have any idea what America will do.  Obama acts as though we were caught off guard.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Congressional Committees have been updated by the Defense Department, the intelligence agencies, and the National Security Agency for 4 years on ISIS.  The government has produced plans of action continually so the government  is ready to respond immediately.  The problem is Obama.  The real crisis is Obama can’t make a decision.  After all, the Keystone Pipeline has been waiting 6 years for Obama to decide if it should be built.

When elected, Obama ran as a candidate to end the wars, not start any.  In this case, ISIS has already declared war on America.  Obama must decide if it will be fought overseas or on Main Street, U.S.A.  The Administration thinks it controls the world.  After 6 years, it hasn’t learned that outside forces affect every decision we make.  That is the real crisis.


2 responses to “CRISIS

  1. Well spoken my friend, this is why I like you so much, I really miss our political conversations, and reading on what’s going on in the world is better than tv, as I read on I see that you really hate Abama and every speech he makes as if all fifty states were his to do as pleases him, I believe his decisions are not 100% his, I believe when he makes a speech towards the defense and offense of america, those speeches are well thought of with his campaign, you make Abama out to be some kind of god, as if he is suppose to be the savior of america, as we see, the last president didn’t do much better than Abama, Abama was elected in the middle of a crisis and every time he comes up with an solution for something, something else bigger is put on his shoulders, now most of the people of america looks towards Abama for help as if this man has all the answers, this is why america will always be helpless, because instead of finding ways to help solve a problem, we’d rather blame someone so we can feel better if the plan failed, just my opinion. PS. keep up the good work, I love your work DR Randy…

    • There are some things where we are in disagreement. I do not expect Obama to be perfect. I object to his policies. Obama has never learned how to work with others. The only thing he knows is to brow beat anyone who opposes his position. I blame his advisors for many of the decisions he makes. In this case, for the decisions he postpones making. America needs a decisive leader right now. We need someone who steps up and brings the country with him, rally the nation in support of his policies. That is currently missing. Thanks for your response.

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