Javier-Vega-Aug-2014-620x413This arrogant President of ours is at it again.  Obama has made a deal with Juan Orlando Hernandez, President of Honduras to stop their children from entering the U.S. from Mexico.  For those of you not aware of what has been happening, the parents of these kids pay the drug cartels to bring the kids into the U.S.  These parents pay their life’s savings to the drug lords.  Many of these kids die in transit.  The drug lords extort more money from the parents to guarantee safe passage.  If the parents don’t pay, they send the parents fingers or hands to get the additional money.

Obama wants to stop this.  He proposed that the parents go to the U.S. Consulate and get approval for the kids to enter and then fly them to the U.S. in government planes.  Once the kids are processed, the rest of their families can follow.  This seems a long way from securing our border.  Obama is opening the floodgates for more people entering our country at will, rather than securing our border.  Obama ignores the current laws on the books that relate to immigration.  This shows Obama has no respect for our ancestors who came to this country with the idea to build a future for themselves and build the country.

Just this week, another Border Agent has been killed.  This time he was off duty and was shot by two men that had been deported six times between them.  Agent Rob Javier Vega was shot by Gustavo Tijerina (deported four times) and Ismael Hernandez (deported two times) in front of his family.  After the first time being deported, this is a felony, with jail time as the punishment.  The Obama Administration chooses to ignore the law and just send them back home.  Without protecting the border, they just reenter the country again, and stay until they are caught committing another crime.

Obama is threatening to use an Executive Order to grant legal status to the illegals because Congress did not give him an immigration bill he likes.

The United Nations, my favorite international organization, is putting pressure on the Administration to reclassify the illegals as “refugees” and accept them all.  Obama is considering their request.

ISIS, the terrorist group taking over the Middle East, is threatening to take over America.  They claim they have already started to implement their plan.  It is very possible their members have already entered the country through our southern border.  How would we know since our agents no longer patrol the border and instead spend their time processing illegals who search the agents out for processing.

President Obama thinks he can just write his own law when it comes to the border issue.  Congress must pass the laws of the country.  Sometimes Congress passes laws by not passing anything.  Even though the House of Representatives passed border legislation before leaving for their summer recess, the Senate ran out-of-town so they could avoid voting on the House Bill.  This bill will join the other 335 other pieces of legislation sitting on Harry Reid’s desk awaiting action.  If the Senate acted on the bill, the border would not be a political issue this November.


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