ban_ki-moon_portraitThe Middle East is exploding.  Africa is a mess.  Central America is in shambles.  Russia is taking the Ukraine by force.  Iran is marching toward nuclear.  The kid in North Korea is threatening the south.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is flying around the world on planes supplied by Qatar.  Qatar just happens to be a big supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas.  The U.N. is opening an investigation of Israel for human rights violations.  Israel is killing a lot of civilians in their attempt to rid the area of rockets and tunnels used to kill Israelis.  Israel is contacting the civilians before they strike targets where the rockets are kept.  Hamas is responding by packing the place with women and children to use as human shields.  The end result is the civilians get killed.  The U.N. has no problem with this.  Israel has defended against over 2,00 missiles fired against heavy civilian populations.  The U.N. finds no objection to this.  Hamas uses tunnels to enter Israel to strike civilian populations with gunfire and bombs.  The U.N. thinks this is O.K.  But Israel comes under scrutiny for trying to keep their country safe.

Putin saw no heavy criticism for his hand in shooting down the civilian airliner.  Now he is back on the march to retake the rest of the Ukraine.  The U.N. has been silent on their attempted acquisition.  Russia has moved their troops back to the border so they can move quickly into the country.  Putin has no worries about U.N. action.  He knows that U.N. troops start and end with the U.S.  Europe is impotent when it comes to force, with the exception of England.  France and Italy are paper powers in today’s world.

In times past, America carried a big stick.  No more.  The same goes for NATO.  There is nothing to stop Putin from doing his will.

Isis is exerting its will in Iraq, Syria and Jordan.  This group is cleansing the Middle East of Christians.  Thats the second group they wish to eliminate after the Jews.  Again, the U.N. is absent.  Isis has a goal of creating a radical Muslim state that will be a launching point to conquer the rest of the area.  Once they control the rest of the Middle East, they will control oil over the rest of the world.  They will be able to reward or punish countries based on religion.

The U.N. has more important things to do.  They passed the Small Arms Treaty that is aimed at making guns impossible to buy in the U.S.  They still need more countries to sign up before it goes into effect.  Lets not forget about the Human Rights Commission that is working behind the scene to outlaw the U.S states laws against same-sex marriages.

Why we are still in this organization is beyond me.  Not only do they beat up on America on a regular basis, but we pay most of the costs for these committees that try to spank us.  America is broke.  We can’t afford to fund this place.  Enough is enough.


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