IRAQ-UNREST-ARMY-EXECUTIONThe Middle East explodes in war.  Putin shoots down a passenger plane.  The U.S. economy is in shambles.  The border to our south is no more.  Federal agencies are involved in scandals.  All our international friends are deserting us.  Iran is marching toward a nuclear weapon and a missile to get it here.

Not to worry my friends, because King Obama is at the helm.  With a steady eye, and the calmness of a light summer breeze, Obama has things under control.  He is constantly on the road, raising money for whoever will have him.  When not fundraising, he’s planning or on his next vacation with wife and kids.  This fearless leader never saw a crisis he couldn’t ignore.  With a waffle here, a bland response there, there is no crisis he can’t blame on the Republicans or George Bush, and then get back to what he was doing.

When Obama took office, we were a world power.  Now we aren’t even a power any more.  Our military has been cut and will be cut again in the upcoming budget.  His plan was for us to withdraw our military threat from the world, and he has succeeded.  Russia and Iran have taken our place in many parts of the world.  Obama does nothing to counter this.  With the military programs that have not been funded over the past 5 years, it will take a decade for us rebuild to our previous strength.

Our economy has eliminated the middle class.  The middle class is what drives this country.  It is the middle class that pays the nation’s tax bill.  It is the middle class that buys the cars, toothpaste, and all the other consumer products our businesses make.  Without a middle class, our economy will continue to stagnate.  Unless you consider people working three part time jobs with no benefits middle class, the country will continue to slumber.  When was the last time anyone heard Obama talk about jobs, other than to say he did such a great job correcting what Bush did.  Obama inherited a mild recession and turned it into a depression.  With his stimulus bill that rewarded his campaign contributors and did nothing to spur the economy, the Affordable Care Act, better known as ObamaCare, letting all the tax breaks expire, the economy has spent 6 years getting back to the employment level the country enjoyed when Obama took office.

The President has driven away our two closest allies.  Israel and Great Britain have all but severed relations with the U.S. under Obama.  The U.S. returned a bust of Winston Churchill to England in the early weeks of 2009.  Seems Obama’s father was mistreated by England when Kenya was a colony.  Obama, a Muslim, has never had a friendly relationship with Israel.  The President proposed Israel withdraw to pre 1967 borders, which would make the nation indefensible.

The Ukraine has asked us for assistance.  Obama sent them MRE ‘s instead of weapons or military help.  Of course, Putin was watching.  Russia will do as it pleases without worry about the Americans.

Our southern border will continue to see millions of illegals enter the U.S.  Obama’s $3.7 billion does nothing to stop the inflow.  All of it is to be used for welfare for those already here.  Not only does it not stop more from coming, it encourages even larger numbers to enter in the future.

It is time for the President to put down his pacifier, take off his bib, climb down off the hi-chair, and sit at the big boy table with the adults.


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