MTE1ODA0OTcxNDE4MDI3NTMz[1]I look at the radical Muslims, the Russians, the radical left, the Chinese and all the other enemies of America and what she stands for and realize none are as bad as the U.S. old media.  Those are pretty strong words, but they need to be said and they are true.

“Fast and Furious” was an operation by our government to move massive amounts of guns to the drug cartels in Mexico and track their movement.  The Obama Administration was behind the operation that went sour.  Hundreds have died by those guns, including an American Border Agent.  As the House of Representatives got close to the truth, Obama exercised Executive Privilege to stop the story from being fully exposed.  When the story was first exposed, Eric Holder wanted to use the gun deal as an excuse to blame guns for the deaths.  He wanted to start a campaign against guns owned by American citizens.  Having to exercise Executive Privilege ended that plan.  Most of these details were not covered by the media.  After the Obama Administration was forced to step in and block Holder from telling the House the whole story, the media dropped the whole story.  Americans were never informed.

When it was learned that members of the media had been wiretapped, (only media thought to be opposed to Obama) the media screamed bloody murder.  They quickly dropped the story when the Administration said they would end the practice.  The wrong that was committed was forgotten by the press.

The IRS scandal has not been covered by the media other than to say it was a political misuse of power by the Republicans.  The fact that the IRS abused its power and authority to punish those groups that disagree with the liberal left is beyond the right of Americans to know.

The National Security Agency got covered when it was reported the government was collecting copies of every email written in the U.S.  This scandal was laid at the feet of George W. Bush, because the practice started while he sat in the White House.  Of course, the plan was expanded under Obama, but that was downplayed by the media.

Two scandals that did get footing with the news folk was the Veterans Administration cooking the books on their efficiency.  Here again the media blamed past Administrations, which was true.  Obama raised the issue during the 2008 campaign and said he would solve the problem.  When he ignored it after elected, the media gave him a pass.  The second issue they are covering is the border problem with the kids.  What they don’t cover is that only 20% of those entering the country illegally were unescorted children.  The rest are adults, many from the Middle East.  These people are from areas where the goal is to kill all Americans.  The media paints Republicans as cold-hearted for wanting to close the border and send the children back home.

Canada has been waiting five years for Obama to approve the Keystone XL Pipeline.  Canada has oil deposits that are producing 830,000 barrels of oil a day.  Currently this oil is being shipped to our refineries in Texas and Louisiana by rail and truck.  Very expensive and inefficient.  They finally got tired of waiting for America to make a decision.  The original plan was for the oil to be used in North America.  It would greatly reduce the amount we import from the Middle East.  Canada has entered into agreements with Asia.  They will build a pipeline to the coast and build a state of the art port to load ships.  The 7.9 billion dollar project named Enbridge Northern Gateway, was approved by the Canadian government on June 17, 2014.  This project will remove 600,000 barrels from the U.S. refineries.  The media failed to report this to the American people.  Obama’s waffling would make him look bad so we don’t hear about it.

The media has the ability to drive the issues.  When Rick Santorum ran for President, the media pounded him about social issues.  Every time he gave a speech about foreign affairs or the economy, the media ignored the speech and only asked questions about social issues.  When Santorum responded. that was the sound bite they ran with and covered nothing about what he said that day.  They did the same thing to Romney.  When he made a major policy speech, the media who covered ignored his content and wrote about a protester instead.

A free press is very important for a democracy to function.  When they twist the news to support their own agenda, it weakens the country and keeps the population uninformed of the facts.  It also allows the President to just have another beer.


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