2_20121120-202356-pic-633028821_mugshot_four_by_three_s267x200[1]In case no one has noticed, the Middle East is exploding.  Israel is experiencing a massive rocket attack from the Palestinians.

The latest round of conflict started when three teenage boys were kidnapped by the Palestinians and murdered.  Some Israel people kidnapped and killed a Palestinian boy and murdered him.  The Israeli police made an arrest and will punish the murderer after a trial.  No one has been arrested for the three murders by the Palestinians.  These murderers are usually rewarded by the Palestinians by naming streets or public squares after them.

The Palestinians started firing rockets into Israel.  In the past, the rockets were home-made or low tech missiles that had no accuracy.  During a normal day 8 to 12 rockets were fired.  Now, there are up to 80 daily being launched at Israel.  These rockets are longer range and more accurate.  They are aimed at Israels population centers.

The missiles being fired into Israel are supplied by Iran, who is supporting the Palestinians both financially and with weapons.  The Palestinians have joined with Hamas, a terrorist group on the U.S. list.  They are the main group leading the violence.

Israel has a defensive system (Iron Dome) that is intercepting these missiles at a 90% rate, which means some are getting through.  After the rocket attacks started Israel did not initially respond, but after several days without let-up Israel finally responded.

Israel has fired missiles at strategic locations where the rockets came from.  The Palestinians are using private homes, schools and mosques, apartment buildings, and other high population places to launch the rockets.

Israel notifies each location that a strike is coming usually five minutes before they strike to allow the civilians to leave.  The Palestinians started placing civilian women and children on the roofs of these targets to stop the attacks.  Israel initially bypassed these targets but now hit them.  No such warning is coming from the other side.

Israel has land troops ready to invade to sweep the area to stop the attacks.  I do not think Israel wants to put the ground forces into the area.  There would be a lot of lives lost on both sides with a ground attack.

Israel has no friends.  The Obama Administration wants Israel to withdraw their borders to pre 1967 boundaries.  That would make the country 8 miles wide in one area and would be impossible to defend with enemies so close.  Because Israel refused the U.S. position, Obama, himself a Muslim, has backed away from support.  Israel wants a stronger position from Obama in relation to Iran about their nuclear program.  The U.S. position is for Iran to stop their program but keep all their equipment and nuclear material.  Israel knows they would be the first target from Iran.  Obama still financially supports the Palestinian government even after the new alliance with Hamas.  Europe has boycotted Israeli financial resources because Israel will not give up the West Bank area.

Israel is surrounded with enemies.  Their economic system is capitalism.  Their political system is Democracy.  The few countries in the region who are not openly hostile to Israel have peace treaties signed by past governments.  With Isis now taking over ground in three countries and declaring a radical Muslim state, Israel is in more danger.

Just have another beer, Mr. President.



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