Barack Obama, John HickenlooperWhile President Obama is drinking beer, playing pool and dining with rich “fat cat” Dem’s our borders are being stampeded with Central American kids, drug dealers, al Queda Muslim terrorists, and other Middle Easterners.  Reminds me of Nero fiddling when Rome burned.

Gov. Perry (R-Texas) finally cornered the President to discuss the crisis.  While Obama couldn’t fit a trip into his busy schedule to view the border, the Governor still had an opportunity to express his points.  Obama gave Perry lip service and blamed the Republicans for the border crisis.  Then the President apparently washed his hands of any responsiblity for any action.

Rick Perry, an expected Presidential candidate in 2016, is opposed to the Presidents $3.7 billion plan.  Obama is proposing the money go to increase the judges hearing the detention cases, more money for lawyers to defend the illegals, and build more facilities to house those “captured” after entering the country.  He also wanted to increase the number of Border Agents to speed up the processing of the illegals.  Note that none of the funds would be used to stop the illegals from entering in the first place.

Obama shows no interest in stopping the entry.  He envisions all these illegals eventually becoming loyal Democrat voters.  No wonder the Democrats in Congress want the illegals to be given asylum and permitted to stay.  While many are children, there are many who are accompanied by adults.

Exactly how many have entered through Mexico is unknown, but estimates are always less than actual.  I remember when President Reagan had an amnesty program they expected up to 3 million to apply.  The actual number was over 9 million.  This time they are expecting 90,000 unescorted children by the end of summer.  Of course these are only the ones who went to the detention centers.  How many others are there that crossed the border and just blended into the population?

Most of those who entered are from Central America, but not all.  They have come as far away as Pakistan.  If unescorted children have made the trip from the Middle East, do you really think al Queda hasn’t entered also?

Obama’s proposal to Congress has no money to stop the entry of the illegals.  For this reason Congress will not pass the bill Obama wants.   Obama is responding by attacking the Republicans.  That’s what he always does.  We can expect nothing less.  Obama has never learned how to work with people.  During his community organizing days in Chicago, Obama would use organized labor to strike employers, and brow beat them into submission.  that’s the way things work in Chicago.  Never bend or compromise.  That tactic doesn’t work in Washington with the Congress.  Even the Democrats are not close to him.  It’s just not in his nature.

So Obama just does things like he always has.  He feels he doesn’t have control so he ignores the problem.  Instead of working the phone to round-up votes, and compromising with the Republicans to get part of what he wants, he just plans his next vacation to Martha’s Vineyard.  His proposal would cost about $10.50 for each American.  In a few months he would need about $15.00 for each American because the problem will just continue to grow.  Then a few months after that he would need another $20.00 again.  Every few months he would need more because the illegals would continue to flood our shores.  That’s why his proposal will never pass.  So Obama will continue to drink beer, play pool and golf, and dine with the fat cats because he doesn’t know how to do anything else.

And why should he change.  It’s not like the world isn’t exploding around him or the economy isn’t humming along, or his agencies (IRS, VA) aren’t embroiled in turmoil.  The way he sees it, he can just continue to do as he has.


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