s_i15_62337352[1]If a new President was sworn in today, this is a possible inaugural speech.

My fellow Americans,

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to serve this great nation.  I will do all in my power to earn your trust.  It is my honor to represent the greatest nation ever to be on the face of the earth.  From this moment forward it is my watch, and I will be responsible for whatever happens.  My predecessor is out of office so from now on I will not use his actions as an excuse.

Earlier today, I called and spoke with President Enrique Nieto of Mexico.  I advised him that I expect Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi to be released in 72 hours, in good health, or we will come and get him.  I also told him we are ending all trade agreements, and all foreign aid until Mexico secures its northern border and stops the migration of illegals into the United States.  I also gave him a heads up, we will be returning all illegals back to Mexico immediately.  Our borders will be secured with a fence and increased Border Agents.  Their job is to stop illegals from entering the country.  I will do all I can to see they have the tools to do their task.

At the moment, America is a weak country, both at home and abroad.  Together, you and I, will bring America back to its glory.  It will take hard work.  It will mean sacrifices on the part of all of us, but working together, it will be done.

Today, I signed Executive Orders rescinding all 39 changes made to the Affordable Care Act.  This legislation was passed by both Houses of the Congress, and signed by my predecessor.  It is a legal act.  I am obligated to enforce this law as written by Congress under the Constitution which I just swore to uphold.  I am opposed to this legislation and am sending to Congress tonight two bills for their consideration.  The first abolishes this law.  The second is to address pre-existing conditions and provides help for those Americans who really need help.  We will no longer provide healthcare for those who are not here legally.  I will not sign one bill into law without the second being passed and on my desk.

Our business climate is very weak at the moment.  American taxes are the highest in the industrialized world.  We need to compete in the world market.  I am proposing a flat tax without deductions for both personal and business taxes.  If special interests creep into the tax bill, I will veto it.   American manufacturing has all but disappeared from our shores.  I am asking Congress to impose an import tariff on all imports, including American firms products brought back to America.  This tariff will begin in 5 years, giving American corporations time to gear up their manufacturing at home.  If they choose to continue to make their products offshore, they will be at an uncompetitive disadvantage to those who choose Americans to make their products.  Our trade agreements with foreign countries will be ended.

Our Administration is in favor of becoming energy independent.  We will approve the Keystone Pipeline.  We will also approve energy exploration on federal lands.  With the new fracking technology, we can protect the environment and still produce the energy we need.  No longer will we continue to enrich foreign countries in the Middle East, most of whom don’t like us very much.  The EPA has become an obstruction rather than an agency that protects our land, air and sea. We will approve new refineries that have been tied up for years in environmental regulations.

We propose greatly reducing the size and scope of the Environmental Protection Agency.  Their main function now will be to settle problems between states.  Each state has their own agencies, and they know what is best for their region.  We will eliminate the Department of Education and all the regulations they impose on local schools.  This is better managed at the state and local level.  Taxes will be reduced accordingly because taxing at the lower levels of government will increase to make up for the loss of federal dollars.  We will audit all federal agencies.  We will evaluate their purpose and need.  Anything that isn’t needed or can be done more efficiently at the state or local level will be abolished or drastically cut back.

Unfortunately, the world is still a dangerous place.  We need to rebuild our military capabilities.  But in order to justify our increased military spending, we need more accountability from the government contractors.  No longer will we tolerate cost overruns, and contracts spinning out of control.  We will remove all advisors from the civil war in Iraq.  Iraq needs to solve their own problems.  However, just because we quit and came home doesn’t mean the other side has stopped.  We will continue to fight radicals around the world who are trying to kill Americans.  We will not look too kindly at those nations that attempt to protect or financially support these radicals.

I will reverse our agreement with the Small Arms Treaty in the United Nations.  This proposed treaty violates our Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.  I took an oath to defend this document and agreeing to this treaty is unconstitutional.  Our involvement with the U.N. will be scaled back.  With the financial problems we have at home, we can no longer afford to pay 40% of the U.N. budget.  We will pay our fair share, but no more.  We will do a full review of the U.N. to see it we should remain a member of this corrupt group.  There are other nations that can afford to pick up the slack.  Our policy on foreign aid will be re-evaluated.  We will decide nation by nation who deserves our aid.  The world needs to understand we need to heal our own house.

Our country will heal.  I believe in the American worker, and American business.  When unleashed, the American worker can out produce anyone in the world.  The light that is America will shine again.  My fellow Americans, we will do this because we are Americans and that is what Americans do.

Thank you.  God bless you, and may God bless the United States of America.




One response to “INAUGURAL SPEECH

  1. This would spark a revolt in about ten minutes. That said I would love to hear that speech. The only other thing on my list is an investigation of the previous administration. Charges to follow. Power to the people.

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