obama_color-P[1]It turns out the Obama 5, or more correctly the Obama 10, weren’t the only prisoners released by the Administration.  Sometime during late May of this year, Obama secretly  released 12 prisoners from a prison in Afghanistan.  The Parwar Detention Center was located outside of Kabul.  These 12 were fighters who were captured during the war.  They were in the fight and killed or tried to kill Americans.  In a report to Congress in May it was reported there were 50 non Afghan prisoners in this facility.  The report just made to Congress showed 38 non Afghan prisoners being currently held at the prison.

The jihadists released included one from France, one from Kuwait, and ten from Pakistan.  They were each sent back to their home countries.  The remaining non Afghan detainees are from Yemen, Pakistan, Tunisia, and one from Russia.  They, like the Taliban 5, are free to move around.  They are to be monitored, just like the 5, but are basically free.

This is just another move by Obama to end our involvement in the two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Again, Obama forgot to tell al Qaeda and the Taliban. For them, the war goes on.  Obama lives in this dream world where his words alone changes the world.  Obama thinks that if we run home and hide, then everything bad will stop.  Reminds me of the little kid who hides in the closet during a fire.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) stated earlier that any more release of prisoners without consent of Congress would bring on impeachment charges against the President.  For some reason, he has been quiet about the latest release.  Obama just continues to do as he pleases.

Our form of government was devised with three equal branches of power.  Each looks over the other two so no one branch assumes too much power.  These check and balances are what makes our Constitution work.  Obama is single-handedly unraveling our form of government.  He, along with the support of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, refuses to recognise the oversight function of Congress.  Obama ignores Congress and does what he wants with Executive Orders.  After Obama is gone from office, if he ever leaves, the next President can reverse all of Obama’s Executive Orders with new ones.

Our Founding Fathers saw the need for the Chief Executive to be able to make decisions with Executive Orders.  However, Congress has thirty working days to vote to override the Executive.  Here again, we have checks and balances.  Our system is devised for legislation to be passed by Congress, agreed to by the President, and reviewed, if challenged, by the Judicial.  This keeps the government running in a consistent way through the various elections and changes in party control.  If the government runs on Executive Orders, every time the President changes, all the old Executive Orders are replaced by new ones.  There would be no consistency in the laws that run the country.

Obama quietly releasing another 12 terrorists from Afghanistan is just another example of the Administration just doing what it wants.  Problem is, a change in the President will not get the jihadists back.



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