F082C4E7C379472FABD817FA55929914[1]America is getting an influx of kids.  Just about all are coming from Central America.  Not just a few, but thousands, hundreds of thousands (600,000 plus) have already entered our country this year.

In fact, so many have entered that the Border Control Agents aren’t even patrolling the border anymore, they are too busy trying to take care of the ones who are already here.  Once across the border, the kids immediately look for a Border Agent for help.  Once they find an agent, they know they are home free.

Shortly before the 2012 elections, Obama went after the hispanic vote by saying any illegals under 18 years of age would not be returned home.  As time went on, the Administration restricted the ability of the Border Agents to stop the inflow of any illegals from crossing the border.

Most of these kids, some as young as three years old, are not from Mexico, but are from other Central American countries such as Honduras and Guatemala.  Those countries have a very bad drug problem.  It is not the same problem we have in the U.S.  These countries are heavily involved in the manufacture of the drugs.  It is like General Motors competing with Ford.  The difference is they are blowing up their competitors plants.  These drug businesses own towns, the politicians, police and all other forms of authority.  Crime against their competitors is high and deadly.  No wonder parents want their children to have a better life in the United States.

The local newspapers in these countries write articles about how great these kids are being treated.  The articles tell how they spend their time playing video games or soccer until they are called in and given papers allowing them to stay.  Then they are shipped to relatives or placed in foster homes with American families.  These articles are placed by the drug cartels to increase the number of people willing to pay to send their kids to America.

Texas has been so inundated with illegal children that they can not handle the volume.  Children have been shipped to Arizona without even talking to the state about the problem.  The children must be moved out because of the new arrivals that are appearing every day.  These children are being shipped as far as Boston.  Eventually, the states taxpayers will bear the cost to house, feed, clothe and provide healthcare for these illegals.  In just a few months, the states will be saddled with the cost of educating them.  Remember English is not their primary language so the education cost will be much higher than for a citizen child.

What is the definition of a country?  An area of land that is controlled by a central government.  An area of land that is protected by a military presence.  An area of land that has protected borders.  America does not have protected borders.  The Administration knew back in January the influx was coming.  In January the Obama Administration was advertising for “escorts to take unaccompanied alien children from the border to the relocation centers located throughout the United States.”

Obama wants an immagration reform bill.  Congress has refused to vote on a plan until the borders are secure.  Instead of securing the border, Obama does what he always does, writing Executive Orders to restrict the Border Agents from stopping illegals from entering.



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