Tax-Collectors--16200[1]The IRS scandal just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  The House of Representatives Oversight Committee requested all the emails Lois Lerner sent and received from 2009 through 2013.  The IRS refused.  After subpoenas were issued and much more stonewalling from the IRS, they finally agreed to comply 11 months ago.  Now we learn that the crucial emails between Lerner and those outside the IRS were lost.

The emails in question relate to her discussions with Democrats in Congress, the White House, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Labor Department, the Federal Election Commission, the Occupational, Health and Safety Agency, and possibly others.  These agencies had a coordinated attack on the conservative groups applying for tax exempt status under 501(c)4 section of the IRS code.  Lerner reported her computer crashed in 2011, and all the emails were lost.  Communication within the IRS was captured on other computers and were restored.  Today, it was reported emails from six other employees were lost.  The IRS was basically saying sorry, the information is lost forever.  The IRS knew these emails were “lost” for over a year and neglected to inform Congress until Friday, June 13th.

Just like the missing 18 minutes of the Nixon tapes, there is technology available to recover the missing data.  The IRS has chosen not to use this technology to fulfill their legal requirements to Congress.  It was reported today that the hard drives that failed were recycled so they are no longer available for analysis.  The system is set up so computer crashes like this don’t lose information.  I understand in order for the data to be lost 7 computer servers, all at once would have to crash.  I doubt that happened.  If all else fails, The National Security Agency (NSA) has a copy of every email sent or received in America.  Each of Lerner’s emails is in their database.  Congress could also go to those who they believe received emails from Lerner.

The Obama Administration has stalled at every opportunity to comply with information requested by Congress.  They have stalled Fast and Furious, Associated Press and Fox News reporters, Benghazi, IRS and Veterans Administration.  Usually, they just wait until or create the next scandal so everyone forgets the past one.

The IRS scandal is the only scandal that could put President Obama in jail.  Maybe some of the other scandals could remove the President from office, but this scandal could actually put the guy in jail.

Is it time for a Special Prosecutor, or Independent Council?  I think so.

The Attorney General refuses to prosecute Lerner for her contempt of Congress charge.  That makes Eric Holder part of the scandal.  He is supposed to work for the American people, not the President.

The Independent Council should interview all who received or sent Lerner emails under oath.  This will either bring forth new information or establish perjury, once the emails are recovered from other sources.  And they will be recovered.  Once sent, the emails exist forever.  It’s just a matter of finding them.  And finding them we will.



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