oil-drilling-rig[1]I’m still waiting for President Obama to make a decision on the Keystone pipeline.  It has been 6 years since Canada first proposed sending heavy oil to our southern refineries for processing.  Obama can not make a decision.  If he approves the pipeline he will anger the environmental lobby who are opposed to any energy production and usage.  If he opposed the pipeline, he will anger organized labor who see increased employment from the pipeline and the energy that is produced.  So Obama does what he always does, makes no decision at all.  America could be energy independent if we produced the resources we have available to us.  Obama is opposed to this.  He would rather buy oil at ridiculously high prices from the unstable Middle East.  Candidate Obama in 2008 stated he thought we should pay prices higher than Europe for gasoline.  $8 to $10 a gallon was his goal to reduce usage.  The Democratic Congress at the time refused to raise taxes on gas.  The Administration started out 6 years ago with a stimulus plan that spent tax money on other forms of energy.  All of the companies that received the funding went bankrupt.  Obama also had General Motors produce electric cars when he owned the company.  Americans wouldn’t buy them.

The Administration used the Environmental Protection Agency to come out with new emissions standards for coal-fired power plants.  The EPA requires a 30% reduction in carbon emissions.  When Obama was running for the presidency in 2008, he said if elected he would end coal as a power plant fuel.  He stated the electric utilities could continue to use coal, but they would go bankrupt.  He is now making good on that promise.

Organized Labor supported him in that race and again in 2012, even though the rank and file members would be facing unemployment.  I guess the union members thought their union bosses knew best.  States like West Virginia are turning Republican because of Obama’s positions.  West Virginis has a large coal industry.  Massive unemployment has caused the rank and file to question their union leadership.

Drilling for oil and gas has been increasing of late.  When examining the data, we see that most drilling is happening on private land.  The Federal Government is still refusing drilling rights on public land.  Land Management is continuing to purchase land that contains oil reserves and takes it off of potential drilling sites.  Obama has refused new permits for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.  Cuba claimed the mineral rights and contracted with China for the drilling.  Where our rigs should have been, we now have rigs producing oil for the Castro brothers.  This is fine with Obama.  Just so it’s not us.

With turmoil in the Middle East, oil prices will spike.  We will continue to pay whatever the market demands.  With coal no longer available as a source of energy, oil prices will continue to rise.  Obama, a Muslim, has no problem financially supporting Middle East Muslim countries

Even if we produce more oil domestically, the EPA will keep refining at a minimum.  The environmental requirements on refineries is such that we have not built a new refinery in 40 years.  We probably will never build another.

Obama, as usual, is making his decisions based on politics, not what is best for the country.  He is concerned about his legacy.


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