slide_341973_3533043_free[1]We have all heard a lot about how we are ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. We are pulling our troops out and bringing everyone home.  We are freeing the POWs and sending them home.  We are cutting our military in funds, manpower and equipment.  Peace is at hand.  There will be a huge peace dividend so domestic spending on things like healthcare can take place.  There is only one problem.  We forgot to tell our enemies.

Eric Cantor lost to a college professor in Virginia’s primary last night.  Everyone is blaming Cantor’s decision to push immigration reform for his defeat.  I see things a little differently.  Maybe, just maybe, Cantor lost because he spent all his free time raising money for others across the country instead of doing his job at home.  Maybe he lost because he proclaimed that he would defeat any Tea Party candidate, anywhere in the country.  Maybe, just maybe, his folks at home think a little Tea Party influence in Congress is a good thing.

Anyone notice the radical islamic militants have taken over most of northern Iraq?  Thousands of our best and brightest gave their lives to make Iraq a better place.  Obama, in one year, has given it all back just so he can say he ended the wars.  If Harry Truman had done that we would all be speaking German.

Surprise, the talks with Iran over nuclear weapons has stalled.  Since we already lifted most sanctions against Iran just to get them to talk to us, I guess Obama will get the U.N. to write Iran a nasty letter.  That will teach ’em!

I’m still waiting for Eric Holder to bring Lois Lerner to trial for her contempt of Congress charges.  Remember, she’s the IRS employee who didn’t do anything wrong but refused to testify because it might incriminate her.  I think this is the only scandal that could put the sitting President in prison.  I guess Holder is too busy going after the Boy Scouts of America.

Everyone is still talking about the five we released from Gitmo to get Bergdahl back.  Did everyone forget about the five we set free just to get the Taliban to talk to us?  Five in 2010 and five now equals 10 in my book.  OK, I forgot.  I’m not using government accounting.

Time to ask a question:  What has the government done today to help the vets who need healthcare from the Veterans Administration?  Lots of talk but not much action to help these people.  Maybe something will happen by next year sometime.

Jan Brewer, Governor of Arizona, has had a bunch of kids dumped on her state by ICE.  Seems Texas can’t handle the estimated 100,000 unescorted kids flooding over the border this year.  The answer is to dump them on Arizona.  Everyone knows how well Brewer and Obama work together.  ICE didn’t even bother to call and say they were coming.  I guess the Arizona taxpayer will pick up the cost.  Brewer should bus them all to Washington, D.C.  It would cost her a lot less money.  Remember, school will start in a few months and most of these kids don’t speak English.  That’s a double cost for each illegal kid.

Thats my list of short thoughts for today.  I just wanted to get everyone revved up for summer.


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