obama_color-P[1]No, it’s not what you think.  LOL means lack of leadership.  We are six years into this presidency and the novices should be gone by now.

The Obama Administration still makes rookie mistakes.  The other day Obama visited the troops in Afghanistan.  Noble act.  He also met with several others while there.  Never to miss a PR opportunity, he released a list of those he met with.  As everyone knows, listed was the top U. S. spy in the country.  Not only that, but he was identified by title.  Needless to say, his career on foreign soil is over.  The Administration has launched an investigation to determine how this happened.  Strange they don’t already know.  In past investigations the Justice Department issues a report saying nothing wrong took place.  That report will come out toward the end of the Presidents term, after the 2016 elections.  Until then, no comment on the ongoing investigation.  Who approved the release of the list?  How did the list get through the advisors before being made public?

After six years in office, and five years of “economic recovery,” It was announced on Friday that we now have reached the same number of total employed as the day Obama was sworn into office.  This doesn’t account for the population growth, or the number of part-time workers now counted as employed.  With the Federal Reserve pumping billions of dollars into the economy every month to forestall an economic collapse, with young people having very limited career opportunities upon graduating college, with manufacturing leaving our shores in groves, who are the economic advisors advising this President?  With the continued economic failure, why haven’t they tried something else?

America has the highest tax rate in the industrialized world.  The answer from the Administration is to tax and regulate business more.  There seems to be a belief that taxing and regulating business doesn’t chase them to more friendly shores.  Who is giving this advise to the President?

With Russia acting like the bully of old, Iran moving forward with nuclear weapons, Afghanistan and Iraq are falling back under enemy control, Who is advising Obama?  Why hasn’t the Administration changed track to try something else?  We have given up the leadership of the free world.  Obama wants the United Nations to fill the void.  The U.N. has shown it is great at writing stern letters but not much else.  Who developed this strategy?

We are quitting a war.  The United States acts as though the war is over.  The war is not over, we are just going to stop fighting.  The other side didn’t get the memo.  We are sending back their leaders who were captured and at Gitmo.  We act as if there is a peace agreement.  There isn’t.  Who is giving the President this advise?

President Obama has surrounded himself with people who are acting like bobbleheads.  Everything the President says and does is just wonderful with those around him.  No one seems to be able to stand up to the guy and say, “Mr. President, you’re wrong.”  I realize most of his advisors never had a job outside of college campuses.  I understand very few ever worked for a private business.  To have no-one who has a counter point of view available to the discussion of problems does this President harm.  We are now in Obama’s sixth year.  It is well past time for this Administration to function in a professional way.  The lack of leadership at the top has hindered the government ad the country.


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