enhanced-buzz-22521-1401836986-18[1]Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was freed from 5 years of captivity in a prisoner exchange.  I wrote a real nice soft piece about how our government finally did something for the military to draw attention away from the VA.

Then I did some reading about who we traded to get Bergdahl back and I scrapped the whole thing and started over.  I wrote another piece about the five, and it dawned on me the real story wasn’t about the prisoners, but the story was really about Obama systematically closing down Gitmo by shipping away all the bad guys.  I wrote a couple hundred words and went to bed thinking I would tie it all together in the morning.

Morning brought a whole new story about Bergdahl being a deserter before his “capture.”  So here we are.  My story keeps changing before I can get anything published.  Good thing too, because I’d be doing a lot of retractions.

Speaking of retractions, I wrote two blogs condemning the Obama Administration for their past inaction.  Seems I was wrong about the young soldier who went missing in 2009.

There is an underlying story here that isn’t being reported.  The real story isn’t about Bergdahl at all.  Obama has been manufacturing crisis after crisis deliberately to move the story away from his real legal liability, the IRS scandal.

When the attention was on Lois Lerner, Obama was in real trouble.  The IRS Commissioner was visiting the White House more often than any other member of the Administration during the time the Tea Parties were being denied their 501(c)4 status.  Not only were they not being given tax exempt status, but the people who ran these groups were being hounded by all the other federal agencies such as the EPA, OSHA, the Labor Department, the Commerce Department, along with the IRS itself.  It is doubtful a mid level IRS employee had that much power.  If Lerner ever talked, the dominos would start falling.  Attorney General Holder still hasn’t acted on Lerner’s Contempt of Congress charges.

Without much fanfare, Obama announced a new Chief Legal Counsel on April 21, 2014.  Neil Eggleston made his career representing government officials in congressional and criminal investigations.  He was chosen to replace Kathryn Ruemmler, who stepped down after three years to return to private practice.  Eggleston served in the Clinton White House as Assistant Legal Counsel during the impeachment period.  He also represented Rahm Emanuel when investigators were investigating Rod Blagojevich, Gov. of Illinois on selling the Senate seat being vacated by Obama.  Obama picked Eggleston because he sees potential legal problems on the horizon.  He’s trying to ride out his IRS problem with the VA scandal and the release of the major five at Gitmo.  With this being an election year, Congress will work very few days this year.  All part of the plan.  Obama’s other problems relate to policy and power issues with Congress.  These are not the type of problems that could put him in prison.

The real story is Obama has successfully moved the issues and the media away from the IRS onto other scandals.



One response to “BERGDAHL FREED

  1. I think that you are correct. I also believe that the administration thought that the Bergdahl affair would be well received and not turn as toxic as it has. It achieved the purpose of taking the VA and other scandals off news at least for awhile. The bottom line maybe that in a few months an admin hack will say, “Dude that was months Ago, move on.” At least Jay “the liar” Carney felt the embarrassment of constant dancing around the truth and moved on!

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