veterans-korean-war-saluting-26887242[1]During the Bush Administration, The Veterans Administration was a mess.  Bush inherited a disaster when he came to office.  His administration made progress cutting down the wait period for veterans, but fell far short of solving the problem.

During Bush’s term, many of the World War II era soldiers passed away, helping to relieve the pressure on the VA.  With the advent of two wars, Bush had a whole new group of warriors needing help to counterbalance the loss from “the Greatest Generation.”  His administration still was able to make progress.

When Obama came to office, he was told not to trust the numbers being reported by the VA.  If the VA was cooking the books  during Bush’s term, we don’t know.  One thing we do know is Obama was aware of the VA situation.  The current administration has not shown much interest in tackling the problems.

Obama has several new situations that compound the VA problems.  The number of vets returning home from the two wars injured has increased rather dramatically under Obama.  This alone puts additional pressures on the VA services required.  Another problem not being discussed is the influx of Viet Nam era soldiers reaching senior citizen status.  This is a whole new generation of vets entering the system.  Many are experiencing problems from being exposed to Agent Orange.

I am not making excuses for Obama’s lack of interest in helping our fighting men and women.  There is no excuse for his attitude toward our vets.  The President knew what was going on but didn’t care because there was no media uproar.

It has been reported that the hospitals kept two sets of lists of those seeking help.  One list was for those who were about to receive benefits.  The other list is for those who wish to enter the system but will wait months or years until they go on the other list.  This list is kept secret.  It appears to the administrators that the wait time is nonexistent.  This allowed the local administrators to receive bonuses for handling the incoming vets in a quick, efficient manner.  This is nothing short of fraud against the country.

Just throwing money at the hospitals will not solve the VA problem.  It has been suggested by many that vouchers be given to all those needing help so they can go to private healthcare facilities to receive treatment.  This will probably never happen.

If the VA were to send vets to the private system, then they will be admitting that government sponsored healthcare isn’t working.  See the underlying story?  The VA is just a smaller form of Obamacare.  The Administration could never admit that something other than government control of healthcare is better, or that government healthcare doesn’t work.  The end result is the vets must suffer rather than admit their failure.

The President went 26 days after the scandal broke before he uttered a word about it.  His staff was probably hoping the media wouldn’t continue to cover the story and he could pretend it just went away.  That didn’t happen so he was forced to address it.  He gave his typical outrage speech like he did on the IRS scandal.  And just like the IRS scandal, the speech was followed by no action at all.


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