untitled[1]I’m not going to write about the current VA scandal.  I’ll do that later.  Right now I want to talk about our vets and all those in uniform today.

These brave, young heroes, who risk life and limb for us every day deserve so much more than we give them.  I mean all our people in uniform, present and past.  Those who haven’t seen action yet may be called upon at any moment to travel in harm’s way.

We all need to lend a helping hand whenever we see them.  You don’t have to be rich.  You don’t have to be famous.  A kind word, a meal, or anything small means so much to them.

I recently met a vet who was wearing a POW-MIA hat at a car dealership while getting my car serviced.  He was from the Vietnam era.  We talked for about two hours while our cars were being worked on.  We didn’t talk about his action in South East Asia, but he told stories about his military buddies.  The stories were funny and well worth my time.  Just having someone to tell them to meant so much to him.  This guy was a lifer, having served thirty years in the armed services for our country.

Our service people are underpaid, overworked and exploited by all the political folks.  Their love of country can not be measured by the standards we civilians use.  They answer the call always.

The next time you see someone in uniform, stop them and thank them for their service.  Thank them for leaving their families behind to do the countries bidding.

Our vets are currently in a mess with the VA through no fault of their own.  Even though our government doesn’t treat them well doesn’t mean we, the citizens of this great country, can’t do nice little things for them when we see them.

This weekend, as we remember our fallen, let’s remember those who are still with us.


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