US Democratic Senator from Michigan CarlThe news just continues to come in.  I used to think as the news eked out that this was good for the Republicans.  No longer.  What we have now is the government itself perpetuating the continuation of one party dominance of the federal government.  What happens when the Republicans gain control?  Will they systematically use government to punish enemies, destroy opposition by using IRS, EPA, OSHA, etc. to silence the opposition?  I digress.  Let’s get back to the IRS.

This past week we have more news to report.  Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Request for documents relating to the IRS scandal.  Many of the documents were redacted to the point where they were useless.  Judicial Watch went to court to receive the unredacted documents.  The court agreed.  Judicial Watch has made some of these documents public.  What we found was there was communication from the White House to the IRS relating the handling of 501(c)(4) groups.  There were also communications between Senator Carl Levin, Democrat from Michigan, and the IRS.  Levin had a dozen groups he wanted investigated relating to their political activities.  Only 10 of these groups were conservative.  The other 2 were liberal groups that did not fund Levin’s campaigns.  Leven received a 16 page letter from Deputy IRS Commissioner Steven T. Miller stating the investigations from the IRS was being handled by the Exempt Organization Technical Unit in Washington, D.C.

Eric Holder, Attorney General of the United States, has testified under oath that the Justice Department has done an investigation and found no wrong doing by anyone associated with the scandal and there were only a few inappropriate actions by some employees in Ohio.  This is blatantly untrue.  This reached into the higher levels of the IRS in Washington.

An earlier set of emails, sent from Congressman Cummings, Democrat from Maryland, requested tax information on groups who opposed him in his campaigns.  Lois Lerner supplied the Congressman with the information.  All of this information was available to Attorney General Holder during his “investigation.”

Regardless of the crimes committed by the IRS, there is the question of a coverup.  Eric Holder was involved in misleading, no, lying to Congress about the scope of the crimes.  As many of us who are old enough to remember Watergate, the coverup is what brought down the Nixon Administration, not the initial crime itself.

The documents Larry Klayman, head of Judicial Watch received, is just the beginning of the unraveling of the story.  As the investigative committees look at all the recipients of the emails, there will be more questions and new leads.  It will take time to build the steps on the ladder.

Certain members of the Democratic Party, in governmental positions, used federal government agencies to perpetuate the continued Democrat control of the government.  We know that high level politicians in Washington were involved.  Just how high up in the government this goes, we do not yet know.  One thing is for sure.  Before the dust settles, we will have the answers.


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