140305_lois_lerner_msm_3281_605[1]Lois Lerner has been found in contempt of Congress.  She now must appear in front of a federal grand jury.  If indicted and convicted, she could be compelled to testify in front of Congress or go directly to jail.  There are several potential problems for the Congress that might keep Lerner out of jail.

A Federal Prosecutor must present the case to the federal grand jury.  Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, has shown himself to be a political hack.  He has never acted in the best interest of the country, he acts as if he only works for Obama and the Democrats.  He only enforces the laws Obama favors.  Remember the New Black Panther Party intimidating voters in Philadelphia.  Holder dismissed all charges against the group because Obama was the beneficiary of their actions.  Eric Holder could refuse to bring the Lerner case before the grand Jury.  He could also drag his feet, and wait until next year to take action.  He could also present such a weak case the grand jury might not indict.  Holder himself would not be presenting the case, but he could assign it to someone who would do the Administration’s bidding.

Lerner is a big Obama supporter.  She never would have run the operation of denying tax exempt status for the Tea Parties if she wasn’t.  She could go to jail, or decide to testify in front of the congressional committee.  She also could have her lawyers meet with Congresses lawyers and outline what she could testify to in exchange for immunity.  Reportedly, so far there has been no discussions between the groups.

Here is what I think will happen.  Holder will dismiss the contempt charge against Lerner.  At that point, Lerner will be free from potential jail.  That will not end her problems.  The Government Oversight Committee will grant her partial immunity and require her to testify.  If she refuses, she can be jailed without going through the Justice Department.  This will be the time that she will make her deal.  Regardless, she will be required to testify, under oath, and in jeopardy of perjury.  This investigation will not go away.  It is just a matter of how long everything drags out.  The Republicans will be content to take things slow so the issue will not just be an issue for the 2014 elections, but for 2016 as well.

It is doubtful Lois Lerner devised the plan to discriminate against the conservative groups.  So far, she is the highest ranking official to be implicated in the scandal.  She was promoted before the scandal broke, but has since retired.  The charges against her are discriminating against the conservative groups, releasing the names of donors of these groups, and doing IRS business on her personal e-mail account.

The IRS Commissioner, Douglas H. Shulman, who oversaw the agency from March 24, 2008 to November 9, 2012 (until Obama won re-election) visited the White House more often than the Secretary of State or the Defense Secretary combined.  Although no notes were taken during the White House meetings, the former Commissioner stated the non profits never came up once during the visits.  If Lerner reported her activities to anyone higher up, it could reach into the White House.  Time will tell.



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