FE_DA_0123_Hillary_Clinton425x283[1]On Tuesday, April 29th, a major new development in the Benghazi attack came to light.  Let’s run through the recent history of the events leading up to this week.

There was an attack on the consulate in Benghazi.  Four Americans were killed in the attack that lasted eight hours.  No troops were sent to protect the Americans.  The Administration blamed the attack on a demonstration that was caused by a video that had fewer than 500 hits.  The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations appeared on 5 Sunday news programs blaming the attack on the video.

The Government Oversight Committee for the U.S. House of Representatives started hearings into the matter to get answers to what happened and why.  The witnesses called blamed the video.  Testimony said the information came from the C.I.A.  The C.I.A. testified they had no knowledge of the video.  They testified they reported to the Administration it was Al Queda.  The Administration refused to release documents relating to the attack.  Finally, after it became apparent the Congress would continue to pursue the matter, the Administration released documents to satisfy Congressional subpoenas.  They were so heavily redacted, they provided no information at all.  The Administration continued to stonewall the committee and said the White House had nothing to do with blaming the video.

Larry Klayman, head of Judicial Watch, a watchdog organization funded with private money filed a Freedom of Information request for the same documents.  They received the same redacted documents.  Judicial Watch filed suit against the Administration for the documents without the redactions.  A federal judge reviewed the unredacted documents and ordered the release of the original documents to Judicial Watch.

One of the documents released was an email sent from Ben Rhodes, White House Deputy Strategic Communications Advisor, to members of the White House staff, Jay Carney, and the Presidents re-election staff.  This email related to the preparation of Susan Rice for the news shows appearances and said to blame the video for the attack and murder of the Americans.  Why did government employees send research produced by the government directly to the re-elect committee staff?  Doesn’t this violate the Hatch Act?

This email covered the request found in the subpoena, but was redacted to deny Congress the information.  This is a direct obstruction of justice.  Refusing to release this document is a felony offense.  It also refutes the claims made by members of the Administration, including Secretary of State Clinton, that the video argument came from others.

It is now time for the Congress to form a Select Committee with power to issue subpoenas, and prosecute the guilty parties.

The Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has so far refused to take this next step.  After the latest email release, he may be forced to relent and appoint the committee.

The old media is also to blame.  Even with the release of the latest information, these major media outlets refuse to cover the story.  Does that make them part of the cover-up?  Next question:  If a tree falls in a forest and no one sees or hears it, did it happen?  That’s what the old media hopes happens here.


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