article-2603026-1D127C4B00000578-30_634x422[1]In Nevada, 82% of the land is owned or controlled by government.  Now the government acts as though they want to control the rest of it.  I’m sure everyone is familiar with Clive Bundy.  The Bureau of Land Management temporarily stood down from the confrontation.  I’m afraid this is just the first chapter in this saga.

This story has so many substories to it that my head is spinning.  Let’s work through them together.

A ranching family for over a century on the same property, Bundy grazed his cattle in the same area since the ranch was first established.  This was “open range,” and was used by 52 ranches in Clark County, Nevada.  The federal government purchased the land, (decades ago), and started charging a per head fee on farmers for using the land.  The fees collected were to be used to provide water for the livestock, improve the ranches paying the fees and to improve the infrastructure on the land itself.  The federal government stopped making the improvements years ago.  Instead, they used the money paid by the farmers to buy the farmers out and clear them from the land.  Cliven Bundy stopped paying the grazing fee to the feds, and tried to pay it to Clark County.  Bundy is the only rancher left in Clark County.  The rest have been bought out or chased away.  The county refused the payments.

Bundy stated the Federal Government has no claim to the land.  Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the Constitution states the Congress has the power to regulate land owned by the United States.  Upon study it appears the “Property Clause,” refers to the territories that are applying for statehood.  Once the boundaries are set, the land reverts back to the new state.  Other than establishing a national capitol, military bases, federal buildings such as Post Offices and regional Federal Buildings established to do the nation’s business.  There is no provisions in the Constitution for the Federal Government to buy America.  That power is reserved for the states.

The Bureau of Land Management has been one of the agencies that has been buying up all the available ammunition the past few years.  This agency arrived on the scene with swat teams and sharpshooters.  The reason used is to protect the Desert Tortoise.  The Federal Government shows up with all the skilled marksmen, threatening to shoot Americans to protect a tortoise that is doing quite well in the area.  Although the Federal Government has told the Border Agents to allow illegal aliens to enter the country without incident, they bring firepower to stop a rancher from ranching.

This is the first time I recall when a large number of Americans, bearing arms, came from all over the western United States to defend Americans AGAINST the U.S. Government.  This was the Second Amendment in practice.  This wasn’t some little fringe group, but rather a large group of Americans standing up to an abusive government.

The BLM is headed up by a former staffer of Harry Reid, Senate Majority Leader from Nevada, named Neil Kornze.  Kornze has been very active in trying to clear the land.  The BLM established the “Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone.”  Harry Reid has been pushing to have China build a solar energy power plant on the land Bundy not only uses for grazing but also on the property Bundy owns.  Harry Reid’s son, Rory, is the Attorney for ENN Energy Group, a Chinese company that wants to build and operate the plant.  Harry Reid’s involvement began before he traveled to China to promote the deal.  He has been lobbying ever since.  The plans can not go forward until Bundy is removed from the area.



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