ap_eric_holder_tk_130306_wg[1]Lois Lerner will soon be charged with perjury by the House of Representatives.  The first step is to forward the vote to Attorney General Eric Holder for action.  If the Attorney General refused to take action, then the House can arrest her and put her in prison until she testifies about the IRS scandal.

Everyone expects the Attorney General to decline to prosecute, meaning the Congress will take the second step.  Lerner has been strong in her opposition to testifying.  I am sure the Obama Administration has given her assurances no legal action would take place.  Otherwise, she would have testified during her second appearance before the Oversight Committee.

Lerner is the highest ranking IRS employee to be implicated in the scandal.  The House has emails directly involving her in discriminating against conservative groups.

Chairman Issa has not offered Lerner immunity for her testimony.  What we don’t know at this time is whether Lerner has offered to provide testimony of involvement of anyone higher up in the chain in exchange for immunity from prosecution.

Lois Lerner probably thinks Obama and Holder will protect her.  Issa has made it known there will be no such protection in her future.  She could sit in prison until the new Congress is sworn into Office in late December.  Then she could be called upon to testify again.  If she continues to refuse, she could be jailed again, this time for a full two years, until Congress adjourns at the end of 2016.

Eric Holder continues to delay, delay, delay.  It appears Congress has had enough of his withholding information from them.  He was supposed to be running investigations about “Fast and Furious,” Benghazi, and the IRS.  He hasn’t found any wrongdoing anywhere.  The House is still waiting on records Holder is withholding for over two years.  We all remember he dropped the prosecution of the Black Panthers, even though they were caught on tape threatening voters in Philadelphia.  The Attorney General is supposed to be working for the people, not his political party or the President.  When he chooses to work against the Oversight Committee to protect others, he is involved in the scandal himself.

Today, it was revealed that the Ranking Democrat Member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, Congressman Elijah Cummings of Maryland, coordinated with Lerner at the IRS to target Tea Party groups for special scrutiny.  Cummings has done all he could to stop the investigation by the Committee.  This further implicates Lerner in the scandal.

The head of the group targeted, “True the Vote,” Catherine Engelbrecht, testified to the Committee that once she filed for tax exempt status, her personal business has been subjected to 15 audits and inquiries from the IRS, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the FBI, and the ATF.  The Congressman’s staff requested and received tax information from Lerner and her assistant.

There is potential criminal liability for both Lerner and Holder.  The only way for them to escape is for the Democrats to regain control of the House in the 2014 elections.  How high this might reach, we don’t know……. yet!


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