petraeus_s640x463[1]“Never let a crisis pass without using it to your advantage”.  It appears the Obama Administration is using the cuts in the size of our military to purge the ranks of anyone who disagrees with the boss.  This post was very difficult to write because the information was rather hard to find and verify.  There was a lot of information about individual officers, but very little about what was happening across all the military branches.  I am finally comfortable to write this post.

The Obama Administration has retired 197 upper level officers over the past 5 years.  This is an unprecedented number of the top, most experienced officers in the 5 branches of our armed services.

First, under the sequester, the military budget was cut dramatically to reduce the nation’s deficit.  Then the President’s budget proposals makes further reductions.  With the reduction in manpower, the military has become top-heavy.  Certain cuts in the upper levels was necessary.

Those removed from active duty were those who were opposed to the weakening of our defenses.  Anyone who fought the Administration on the necessity of a strong defense were retired.  This has had a chilling effect on those who remain to keep quiet about our reduced capacity.

Those who have left the military speculate that the Obama Administration was worried about a coup from the upper levels of the military.  They feel Obama didn’t want any military public backlash about the weakening of our military strength and capacity.  Obama wanted the military to be loyal to him.

If and when we expand our military again, many of the best and brightest, those leaders with the most experience will not be there when we need them.  This talent drain at the top will take years to rebuild.  Our military will be poorer for it.

The reasons listed for their retirements are many.  Most have to do with sex, but many more for things like low morale of the troops under them, poor budgeting of funds under their control, religious beliefs that influence their decision making.  Several officers were removed because they wanted to respond to the Benghazi attacks after they were told to “stand down.”  Many of these officers were given a choice to take a reduction in rank, retire at a lower grade, meaning they would receive a smaller pension or retire now at the higher rank and pension.

Some of the officers are well-known to the public, but most are not in the public eye.  They are career officers who spent their lives in the military, being decorated and promoted because of their actions and accomplishments over decades of personal sacrifice.  They all rose to the top gaining experience and knowledge along the way.

Many of these dislocated officers are banding together to file lawsuits against the military for their dismissals.  Collectively, they are piecing together their stories to develop a pattern of wrongful discharge.  It seems some of their arguments have merit while others do not.  The courts will decide.  As far as public opinion goes, you decide.


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