stock-photo-antenna-on-smartphone-in-d-139855264[1]The Obama Administration has given up the responsibility of monitoring the internet.  We have been handling assigning internet addresses and domain names so there is order on the web.  For some reason, Obama wants to hand this responsibility over to the United Nations.

There are certain countries that have been complaining for decades that the United States should not control the world-wide web.  These countries, by the way, are countries that restrict what people in their country can view online.  They restrict the news and eliminate anything negative about their leaders or country. China and Russia lead this group.

The United States invented the internet back in the 1950’s as a way to link a few universities with the Defense Department to share research.  As the cost and ability of the machines became more friendly to the American budget, an explosion occurred.  Each computer, and each person on the computer needed a specific name (domain name) to communicate with others.  The United States developed the method for creating these names.  We have continued to run this system to be sure there are no duplications.

The internet has always been free of charge.  It has always been open to all content, good or bad.  As long as the U.S. controls the system, it will stay that way.

Our country uses the internet to run our power grids.  Our Department of Defense uses the internet for communication between units.  More importantly, it is used to run our defensive weapons systems.  It is used heavily by the military.  It is used extensively by business not just for communication but used heavily by manufacturers.  Todays internet is much more than just a way to communicate.

The Obama Administration wants to turn the regulation of the internet over to the United Nations.  The President wants a U.N. committee to control the domain names ad addresses.  Much like the U.N. committee on Human Rights, the U.S. has no ability to control the committee members.  When the committee members include, China, Syria and Cuba, human rights are not going to be improved.

The United Nations will be in charge of all the rules we play by.  There will probably be fees for access in the very near future.  America will probably pay the biggest share, again.  The U.N. will also have the ability to censure content.  If or when the wrong countries are on the committee, these items will probably come into being.  We all know that once something is passed by the U.N. it will stay forever, no matter how wrong it will be.  And once we hand control over to the U.N., we will never get it back.

This is another example of Obama diminishing the power of the United States.  His quest to make America just one of many nations in the world, no better or no worse than our neighbors.  Obama’s goal is to make us one among many.  As he moves us away from “world power” status, the internet is just another example of our decline.



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