obama-light-saber[1]Comparing the two men side by side allows us to measure both men.  It is interesting to draw differences between the two leaders and better understand them both.

Obama – rides a girly bike with a matching pink helmet.  Putin – rides horses bare-chested.

Obama – invites friends into the White House to watch movies.  Putin – meets with military leaders to plot the next move.

Obama – goes shopping with Michelle in New York.  Putin – goes big game hunting.

Obama – a former community orgaanizer.  Putin – head of KGB.

Obama – drinks light beer.  Putin – drinks vodka.

Obama – fills out NCAA brackets.  Putin – plots to take over Ukraine.

Obama – plays golf.  Putin – takes over Crimea.

Obama – has beer summits.  Putin – trains in karate.

Obama – bows to all foreign leaders.  Putin – goes tuna fishing.

Obama – wears mom jeans.  Putin – goes deep-sea diving.

Everything Obama has done during his time in office has not damaged his personal likeability with the American public.  Vast majorities have disagreed with his policies, but everyone still personally like the man.  The crisis in Ukraine might change that.  The President is seen as weak in standing up to Putin, and once that happens, the house of cards collapses.  Suddenly Obama is seen as lacking in strength to deal with foreign policy.

Jimmy Carter fell from grace with the Iranian hostage crisis.  Once the perception of his leadership changed in the eyes of the public, all his other faults came to the forefront.

Bill Clinton was seen as weak on foreign policy until he lofted bombs at the Bosnian Serbs.  After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy was perceived as weak until the Cuban missile crisis.

There are several things the President should do to restore the faith of the American people.  Upon taking office in 2009, Obama removed missile defenses in the Czech Republic and Poland.  Obama should lead NATO in restoring those defenses.

Some of the Baltic states were denied membership in NATO after the fall of the Soviet Union.  Obama should now ram those memberships through.  Expand NATO to include these nations so they fall under NATO’s umbrella.

Russia supplies 30% of the gas that is used in Europe.  If the proposed plants to build gas liquefaction in the southern United States were to be completed, we could export gas to Europe from the U.S.  This would remove the hammer Russia holds over Europe.  This alone would reduce Russian power over the area.

Remove Russian ability to borrow money from the International Monetary Fund.  This would greatly reduce the Russian’s ability to trade with foreign nations.

If these steps were taken, Putin would be forced to back down and end his expansion plans.  This would also weaken him at home when his economy suffers harm.  70% of Russian exports are energy related and the potential loss of this market would be felt at home.

Obama should reverse his desire to reduce our military.  With the problems abroad, the President has a good excuse to rebuild our military.  The American people and his political base would give him a pass because of the world situation.

Obama probably won’t do these things.  His image will continue to be hurt until he is perceived as worse than Jimmy Carter.  Putin is portrayed as a mans man, Obama as a wimp.


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