Vladimir PutinThe Obama Administration has another crisis in foreign affairs.  This one could start World War III.  Putin will take the rest of the Ukraine without any resistance from the West.  Europe will look to the U.S. for protection and find us stoic.

Let’s look at the recent history of the Ukraine.  President Bush gave the Ukraine opposition leaders $65 million to develop their democracy.   Obama has added to this sum so the amount sent to Ukraine totals more than $5 billion.  At issue is large gas deposits in Ukraine and oil and gas pipelines that run from Russia through Ukraine to Western Europe.

Russia supplies half of Ukraine’s gas needs and 30% of Europe’s.  Chevron was awarded a $10 billion fracking contract to develop Ukraine’s gas production that would make them independent of Russia by 2020.  Ukraine was negotiating contracts with Western Europe to replace the Russian gas.  Russia came in and offered Ukraine a 30% reduction in gas prices and a $15 billion aid package to end the discussions with Europe.  When the government accepted the Russian proposal, the U.S. started pumping money into the opposition groups in Ukraine.  Now the Ukraine government is talking about nationalizing the oil and gas operations.

Putin sent troops into Crimea to capture the warm weather sea ports.  Russia already controlled the ports but Putin wanted the rest of the land surrounding the ports.  Because most of the population in the area was Russian, they set up elections in the area to leave Ukraine and join Russia.

The U.S. signaled Russia that we would not use any force to stop the Russian play.  As Obama was filling out his NCAA brackets, Putin announced that Russia was annexing Crimea.  Putin is free to take the rest of Ukraine without resistance from the U.S. or NATO.  Look for China to move against the five islands controlled by Japan that China also claims.  More on this in another post to come.

Obama has publicly stated we will not use our military to protect Ukraine.  This also tells NATO and Europe that we will not protect their borders.  The Baltic States also got the word.  Putin is free to rebuild his empire.

When Hitler started his march through Europe, he found no resistance.  The U.S. didn’t join the war effort until we were directly attacked.  By then, Europe was in shambles.  History repeats itself.  Of course, we don’t teach history in our schools anymore.  How soon we forget.

Obama is timid, and he is dismantling our military.  If we are forced into action we may not have the military might to be able to help our friends, or defend ourselves.  What is the message we are sending to Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Pakistan, China, Russia, and any other trouble makers in the world?  Looking at that list after I wrote it is kinda scary.  We need a strong military, if just to use as a threat.  How many wars were averted because of American potential military action?

Could it really be true that Obama’s foreign policy is worse than his domestic policy?


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