May2009[1]First Obama gave a stand down order in Benghazi, now another stand down order is being issued for the Border Control agents.  A memo issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Head Michael J. Fisher relating to the use of deadly force.  The memo states the agents are not to engage illegal aliens if the mass aliens are put in danger.

Since 2007, there have been 43 times that agents have been forced to defend themselves with force.  Three agents have been killed in the line of duty.  Over 1,700 physical assaults have been recorded against the agents.  Now the agents have been ordered NOT to defend themselves in these encounters.  They are to allow the illegals to enter the country without a confrontation.  The exact wording of the memo states the agents are “lessen the likelihood of deadly force situations as we meet our dual goals of ensuring the safety and security of our dedicated agents as well as the public that they serve.”

One important part of that statement is “the public that they serve.”  Exactly who is the public they serve?  It appears they mean the illegals.  Since when do our agents serve the illegals?  I thought the agents were to stop the criminals from entering our country to prey on our citizens.

The memo gets worse.  It also tells the agents to “obtain a tactical advantage in these situations by seeking cover or distancing themselves from the immediate area of danger.”  In other words, we tell out agents to run and hide instead of confronting the illegals.

Because the memo was made public, we are telling the illegals to come on in, as our agents will not take any action to impede their access to our country.

This brings up another question.  Homeland Security has recently purchased 1.6 billion, that’s billion with a B, rounds of ammunition.  We were told this was for training.  Why train so heavily when the agents are told to stand down?  The ammo was hollow point, which is intended to rip flesh, not paper targets.  For shooting paper targets less expensive bullets would work just as well.  Who are the hollow points going to be used against?

Obama has always been in favor of open borders.  He has shown favor for the aliens over U.S. citizens.  The President has pushed for a “fast track” path to citizenship for the illegal aliens who have entered the country.  Once the illegals gain citizenship, the President thinks they will all vote for his party.  The Administration has favored the illegals over our Border Agents and the citizens living near the border.  Under the current situation, why have a border patrol at all?


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