USS-Bonhomme-Richard-02-2014[1]The Obama Administration has been overseeing the end of American dominance in the world.  We are no longer the leader of the free world or the world’s policeman.  The experiment of America is over.

The question to ask is who will take our place?  In 1941, before Peril Harbor, our military numbers were similar to those proposed by the Administration.  Germany and Japan looked at the world and didn’t see any resistance to their plan for world dominance.  Today we need another leader the free world can follow to guarantee peace in the future.  Most likely, it will probably come from Europe.  One of these nations needs to step into the leadership position.  The real battle will be between Russia and China for number one in the world.  We need someone to counter them.

Russia is in the process of reestablishing the old Soviet Union.  Their influence over the Ukraine, and before that Georgia, shows their intent to rebuild their empire, as we just watch from the sidelines.

Obama’s speech on the Ukraine, the first since February 19, basically told the Russians we will not take any military action to stop their attack.  This gives Putin a free hand to do as he pleases.  But here’s the thing, Obama’s speech also sent a message to Iran, who we are negotiating an end to their nuclear weapons program.  It sent a message to Syria, who are supposed to be turning over their chemical weapons.  It sends a message to Iraq and Afghanistan that we will not be there in the future to protect them.  Pakistan, with their nuclear weapons, knows we will leave them unprotected.  The same message was sent to the boy toy soldier in North Korea, who has nuclear bombs and missiles, but hasn’t figured out how to put them together yet.  It also sends a message to Western Europe that we will not participate with them in any action to keep Russia in check.  And lastly, we are telling Israel that they are on their own if they come under attack.  Al Queda knows we are at the end of our reign, and all they have to do is wait until we leave and they will have a free hand.  The radical Muslims are growing and spreading out over northern Africa.  As they take over countries and territories, besides the training camps, world trade will be affected.

Most of these friendly nations already knew we couldn’t be counted on for support.  That’s why the Ukraine didn’t bother answering the phone call from the U.S. last week.  They all know we are a paper tiger.

Our friendships with foreign allies is strained.  America might soon find itself isolated in the world.  Britain, along with all the other countries of Europe, especially Germany, even Canada have issues with the Obama Administration.  The time may come when we may need them to help defend us.

This is the time Obama wants to strip our military of any ability to aid our friends or rattle our enemies.  Under Obama’s guidance, we are a second class nation, lacking any ability to influence the world around us.  America, rest in peace.


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