whitehouse2[1]President Mamnoon Hussain of Pakistan would get a short phone call from me saying, “I want Dr. Askail Alfredi released from prison, in good health, and sent to America with his family.  You have one week.”  Dr. Alfredi was the doctor who confirmed the location of OBL, and was sentenced to 33 years in prison for helping the Americans.  If Pakistan didn’t comply, I’d destroy all their nuclear missiles and facilities.

Next, I’d rebuild our military.  I’d start by telling all the defense contractors I would not tolerate cost overruns.  I also would demand they meet their delivery schedules.If they fail to deliver on time under the contract, any losses would be covered by them, not the taxpayer.

The Affordable Care Act would be repealed.  I would keep two provisions from this terrible piece of legislation.  Coverage for children under 26 years of age could still be carried by their parents.  This would change after the employment picture changes.  The second is pre-existing conditions could not be used to disqualifying people from getting and keeping coverage.

Spending would have to be cut.  The first to go would be the Department of Education.  The Federal Government should not be involved in the education of our children.  All federal regulations relating to education would be repealed.  The states and local governments have better knowledge of what is required in their local schools.  I would also return the budget cost of education to the taxpayer by tax reductions of that amount.  The states and local governments should tax the people what they need to run the schools.  If the tax payers knew how much hidden money was being spent by the schools, they would attend the school board meetings and demand changes.  That’s up to them, not the federal government.

The Environmental Protection Agency would be reduced by 90%.  Each of the states have their own agency.  The states have a better understanding of their local needs and conditions much better than Washington.  A small workforce to handle issues that cross state lines would be required, but their authority would be greatly reduced.  The Federal Government would be removed from the permitting process.  The states could do it better, quicker, and at less cost.  By bringing the environment policies back to the state level, it makes people directly responsible for their actions.  No longer could they hide behind some nameless, faceless beaurocrat.  If voters don’t like what their state does, then they can change the people in charge at the ballot box.

I would reduce all the federal agencies authority to regulate their areas.  I would cut their manpower, influence and authority to areas that can’t be done by the states.  All proposed regulations must be voted on by Congress and signed by me before they can be enacted.  No longer will there be laws enacted without a face being responsible for it.

Taxes have to be cut.  America now has the highest effective tax rates in the industrialized world.  Our business rates have to be reduced to make America competitive again.  I would abolish the tax code, get rid of all the special exemptions, and have a very clean set of tax laws.  For individuals, I would put the tax form on a postcard.  Everyone above a certain level would pay a flat rate.  No one would be favored or penalized.


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