images[3]The Obama Administration continues its assault on energy production and usage.  Coal seems to be Obama’s biggest fetish.  This week the President moved again to try to outlaw coal through the marketplace.

The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new regulations covering the residue from burning coal.  The purpose is honorable, but at the end of the day there is a question as to the effectiveness of the regulations.  As of today, the technology is unproven.  There is one plant using the new technology, but that plant is not yet operational.  The plant owners don’t know if the technology will work as designed.  For the government to make the entire industry embrace the process before it has even been tried, is grossly irrational.  It is estimated that the wholesale cost of electric generation will increase by only 70 to 85 percent.

Candidate Obama in 2008 stated he would end coal usage, not by law, but by making it so expensive to comply with regulations that the company would go bankrupt trying to comply.  Now, six years later, he is fulfilling that promise.  His fetish will cause much unemployment in the mining states.  Not just the miners, but among power plant worker and those involved in transportation.  The mining towns will suffer not only from the unemployment but from the reduction in taxes as the industry is forced to leave.  This will also cause a major reduction in state revenues, along with an increase of social costs caused by the massive unemployment.

In California, there is a major drought in the farming area.  What isn’t being said by the news media is the drought is caused in part by the EPA.  Three years ago, the EPA issued regulations to protect a snaildarter, a two-inch bait fish that is found in the northern part of the state.  Water from the north is usually stored and used for irrigation in the farming area.  Three years ago, the EPA stopped the storage because of the snaildarter, and the water is now flushed out into the Pacific Ocean.  This was started in a period when the rainfall was plentiful.  Now, the water isn’t available for irrigation.

Up to 50 percent of certain domestic crops are grown in this region.  Not only are the harvests reduced, but meats are affected due to the feed costs.  We all are starting to pay the price in the grocery stores.

Of course, Obama will not take responsibility for the EPA’s actions.  He claims “climate change” is responsible.  Well, nature may have caused the drought, but the lack of water for irrigation is a man-made problem.  Obama’s quest for total control of the U.S. economy through regulation is putting quite a financial squeeze on the middle class.  Controlling the environment through the regulatory process by the Obama Administration is making America poorer.

Putin, er, Obama is creating his socialist state through his environmental policy.  When the U.S. economy craters due to his management, watch for martial law to be declared.


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