4070011557e886ff7878242cc8dc9c32[2]John Boehner, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, said that major immigration reform will not pass the House this year.  After a Republican retreat weekend, the Speaker was told by the rank and file that the Administration would not be trusted to enforce all aspects of a law Congress would pass.  The underlying problem is Obama would not build a secure fence to defend our southern border.  This fence has been passed by Congress three separate times by three different administrations from both parties, but has yet to be completed.

The Obama Administration has bypassed our existing immigration laws to keep our borders open to illegals entering America through Mexico.  Although we have increased our border agents and patrols, he has refused to comply with the law.  Attorney General Holder has forced the states to support the illegals with assistance that is straining the state resources.  Providing healthcare, welfare, education and other benefits to illegals is straining the state budgets of the border states.  Not to mention the strain put on law enforcement and the prison system.  The courts are also clogged with criminal cases of illegals.

In 1986, the Reagan Administration passed an amnesty program that gave legal status to illegals who had been in the country since 1981.  It also was to secure the border so new illegals would not gain access to America.  It was estimated at the time that there were between 500,00 and 750,000 illegals who could qualify for the program.  1.9 million applied.  This time the estimates are in the 11 to 12 million range.  How many do think will come out of the woodwork to apply for amnesty this time?

Mexico has internal problems that will keep the migration north coming.  I’ve written about this before, but I’ll repeat it here.  Crime and graft, kickbacks, etc. have made earning a living nearly impossible in large parts of the country.  The police, politicians, and the drug trade have all had their hands out, forcing payments from the citizens to be able to work.  As long as that situation continues, Mexicans will continue to cross the border to America.  These Mexicans risk death, employers who exploit them, drug gangs, and the environment to come to America to earn a living.  Even under these conditions, the Mexicans are better off than staying home.  They send money back to their families, which is a big part of the Mexican economy.  That’s also money that leaves the U.S.

For these reasons, securing the southern border is very difficult.  Not only are Mexicans paying the drug lords to cross the border, but others from Central and South America are crossing, too.  And if they can cross, so can Muslims.  We have no idea how many people have crossed and who they are.  The drug lords don’t care who they bring across as long as it’s profitable.

So in addition to the drain on our economy for providing benefits to the illegals, our security is at risk.  These are some of the reasons why securing our border has to come first.  I know the Republicans want to keep everything off the political table except ObamaCare until after the mid-term elections, but securing our southern border is something that needs addressed.


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