USA[1]The State of the Union is over so it’s time to look at the Obama Administrations domestic policy scorecard.

Economy – The Administration is touting its success in lowering unemployment.  Since the beginning of the year, unemployment insurance has been cut back to 26 weeks.  This has forced unemployed  workers to accept jobs that are less than perfect.  This has also removed unemployed worker from the unemployment rolls if their benefits have run out and they still haven’t found work.  Our workforce is the smallest that it has been in the past 20 years.  Because of the Affordable Care Act, employers have been reluctant to add to payroll.  This is especially true for small business.  Those who do hire, keep employee hours under 30 per week so as to not trigger mandatory health benefits.  Many companies, large and small are scaling back health benefits do the heavy increased cost burden.  Family income has dropped by $2,400 per family.

Taxes – The heavy tax burden on business forces employers to keep as much capital offshore as possible.  This means manufacturing employment will not grow as it did in past recoveries.  America has one of the highest tax burdens in the industrialized world.  No one in Congress or the Administration has spoken at all about making the U.S. more competitive in the world marketplace.  Unless the country becomes more competitive, manufacturing will remain offshore.

Welfare – The freebie system in the U.S. is growing larger by the day.  It has been reported that 49% of households now receive some sort of government funds.  Many of these are Social Security, which I don’t consider welfare.  The problem is that more and more Americans are receiving other forms of payouts.  They come in the form of welfare, food stamps, disability, etc.  Because of the lack of full-time employment in the economy, these payments are what is keeping the economy from falling back into recession.

Environment – The lobby for the environment has never been stronger or more influential than now.  Their main purpose seems to be saying “NO” to every major project that comes along.  The Environmental Protection Agency has its hands in everything from farming, manufacturing, energy, transportation, and anything else you can think of.  This is probably the most important agency in the Federal government.

Energy – When people think of energy, they immediately think of gasoline.  Gas comes from oil, and oil is not a favorite commodity of this Administration.  Obama has put very heavy restrictions on drilling in the United States.  Production of oil in the U.S. has never been more, but virtually all new production has come on private land, while federal land has very few new drilling activity.  New drilling in the Gulf of Mexico has been restricted, allowing China to come in and take the oil under the sea.  Obama has kept the Keystone Pipeline from going forward.  This pipeline has been held up for 5 years, and Canada may soon decide to quit waiting for approval and sell the oil to China.  Coal is our most abundant resource, and the Administration is trying to make the commodity extinct as a usable energy source.  Obama favors reusable energy sources, such as wind and solar.  The technology just isn’t there to run America.

The bottom line is our economy is struggling, there is no employment opportunity for our young, our manufacturing is moving offshore, our energy production is not even close to what it could be, and the government tries to restrict any attempt move the country forward.  Our workforce is under utilized, and healthcare has become extremely expensive for the average family.


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