middle_east_ref04[1]Today, let’s look at foreign affairs.  Let’s see where we were, where we are, and where we are going as a nation.

When President Obama took the oath of office for the first time, we were deeply engaged in two major wars.  Obama stated he thought the war in Afghanistan was just while the war in Iraq was wrong.  We have now left Iraq, and it appears history will record we lost that war.  Hussein may be removed from office, and paid the ultimate price for his crimes against his own people, but the country is controlled by those who hate us rather than our friends.

Obama began his first term by apologising to the world for American exceptionalism.  Obama thinks America should be more like other nations from the third world, in other words, Muslim nations.

Let’s look at Iran.  Iran is developing a nuclear weapon.  They have stated Israel should be removed from the earth.  The U.S. has negotiated an agreement that allows the Muslim Iranian government to continue their nuclear research, removes sanctions previously imposed on the rogue government, and blocking Israel from taking military action on their own.  We have freed up Iranian assets held in foreign banks, allowing Iranian oil to flow again to Russia.  The Iranian government has six months to pretty much do as they please until the agreement ends.

Syria has been gassing their own people.  Rebels had tried to revolt against their government.  They requested support from the U.S.  When we sided with the government of Syria against the rebels, the revolt failed.  The U.N. has stepped in and the Muslim Syrian government has agreed to turn over all chemical weapons to the U.S. for destruction.  As of January 31st, all weapons were to be identified, and a large percentage were to be shipped to Italy for destruction.  Only 2% of the known chemical weapons have been delivered.  That’s not counting the weapons being kept secret.  The Russians have been the Iranians major trading partner and sponsor.  They have benefited the most (other than Iran, itself) of the lifting of the sanctions.

Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Pakistan are upset with the U.S. for backing away from the area.  Al Queda has been able to move into the area and reestablish their bases of operation.  These nations fear for their future, and view the U.S as unreliable.  Israel does not trust the United States to be a dependable ally.

Canada, the largest trading partner with the U.S., has been held a bay because of the lack of approval of the Keystone Pipeline.  Without the pipeline, oil is being shipped by rail to our refineries in the southwestern U.S.  This is very expensive for the Canadians, and can not be a long-term solution.  The pipeline has been proposed for over five years now, and the Canadians have been very patient waiting for Obama to make a decision.  China has been making offers to Canada to strike a deal for the oil.  China even will probably build a pipeline to the western coast of Canada to export the oil.  Obama continues to show a lack of respect to the Canadians.

Britain is another ally who Obama has shown disrespect.  Beginning with his first visit to the island, Obama has shown his disdain for the English.  After all, his gift to the Queen was a copy of his campaign speeches, as though these are of such value.  Obama also shipped back a bust of Churchill.  Not a way of showing respect and friendship.

Mexico is a mixed bag.  We continue to allow Mexican citizens free access over our southern border.  The money these illegals send back home is Mexico’s largest import dollars.  Then there is “Fast and Furious,” which caused the Mexican government many lives, and we kept the program secret from the Mexican government.  Not a sign of friendship and respect.

Our standing in the world has fallen rather dramatically under Obama.


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