OvalOffice_Reagan_16x9_0[1]What’s going on in our government?  The President stated on Tuesday that he has a pen and a phone to create laws.  Since when does the Oval Office create laws?  The Presidents job is to enforce the existing laws and agree with the legislation passed by the Legislative Branch of the government.  Nowhere in his job description is he a law-maker.  Obama does not understand the Constitution that he swore to uphold.

Article 1, Section 1, of the U.S. Constitution states:  All legislative powers herein granted shall be vested in a Congress of the United States, which shall consist of a Senate and House of Representatives.

All 4 sections of Article 2 specifically lay out the powers granted the President of the United States.  Nowhere does the President have the power to legislate.  That power only lies in Article 1, the Congress.  There are 27 Amendments added to the Constitution over our history.  None of these amendments give the President the power to legislate.

This President 1, doesn’t understand his job or 2, doesn’t care what the Constitution says.  I’m afraid it is both.  That’s a very scary thing.  Obama doesn’t know the Constitution because he doesn’t care what it says.  Have anyone noticed Obama spends all his time campaigning, even though he will no longer will be on a ballot.  He doesn’t know what he is supposed to be doing.

When was the last time he worked the Congress to get legislation passed?  Even his signatory legislation, health care, he left it up to the Democrats in Congress to craft the bill.  He stayed on the sidelines, as a non player, while Congress wrote the law.  Since then everything that became law, was done through regulations, or Executive Orders, not the legislative process.

Obama doesn’t know how our government or economy works.  The only job he had before entering politics was as a community organizer.  Let’s face it, he never balanced a budget or met a payroll.  All he ever did was try to extract money from the successful.  He got his education by being a foreign student in the U.S..  (Mr. President, if I’m wrong on this, prove it by releasing your records).  All he’s done his whole life is take from others.  Even as a legislator, he never did any work.  He spent all of his time running for the next higher office.  Remember he voted “present” on all controversal issues.  The President never learned to work with others.  He has no negotiating or compromising skills.

Obama was raised as a Muslim, in foreign countries.  He never learned how America worked as a youth.  Without being exposed to American doctrine, he never developed the fundamentals of America.  This man was the worst prepared President we ever elected.  He uses Executive Orders as a dictator would.  Obama has decided he can just make up laws, or change them as he chooses.  With a weak Senate leader in Harry Reid, his abuse of power goes unchecked.  If the next President continues to use Executive Orders in this manner, our Constitution will never be viable again.

The Supreme Court will decide this year if the President has overreached his authority.  Even if his use of Executive Orders to legislate is curtailed by the Supreme Court, Obama still will have done a lot of damage to the country.


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