obama-laughing[1]Now that Obama has entered the lame-duck period of his presidency, it is time for him to work on his legacy.  This is where he ponders of what history will record of his time in the White House.

Obama is now in his 6th year in office.  Much has been accomplished during his reign.  Let’s take a look at what has happened during his watch.

The economy – We are told he has fixed the economy.  We were in a recession when he assumed office that was very close to a depression a year later.  Obama had a stimulus that actually lost jobs in America.  The American auto industry went bankrupt, and Obama nationalized the companies and later gave them to the unions.  The Affordable Care Act or ObamaCare, caused small business to shed employees to get under the magic number of 50.  Companies also started hiring employees part-time.  Companies were no longer interested in having employees build careers with them.  Unemployment only went down because the government removed potential workers from the rolls when they can’t find employment.  Those that were full-time employees and now work two or three part-time jobs without benefits, are also removed from the list.  The Keystone Pipeline has been blocked by Obama, causing thousands of jobs not to be created.  The welfare state has grown dramatically as jobs have disappeared causing our national debt to skyrocket.  He is not responsible for any of the problems.  Obama says without his expert handling, everything would have been much worse.  It was all the Republicans or George Bush’s fault.

Foreign Affairs – Obama inherited two wars.  To compare an analogy to baseball, we were entering the eighth inning with a six run lead.  Today both wars are lost.  Large portions of Iraq are flying the al Queda flag.  Violence is at an all time high.  70% of all soldier deaths have come during Obama’s tenure.  Afghanistan is facing a civil war.  Iran is the major power in the area.  Not only is Iran exerting its influence in the area, but they will become a nuclear power within a year.  Russia and China are maneuvering to see who the world leader will be.  Under Obama, we long ago gave up that title. Due to the sequester, and other cuts in our military, we no longer can protect our citizens around the world.  Christians are being slaughtered around the world, many of them American, and the Administration isn’t interested in doing anything about it.  He drew the line in Syria, then moved it and moved it again.  Hopefully we’ve moved far enough away from Syria that we won’t have to change our position again.

While all of this is happening, Obama spends his time and energy on issues like gay marriage, taking over control of healthcare, getting rid of guns and removing Christians from all visible places in our military.  Obama recently pledged to spend the rest of his time in office trying to create equal income for everyone, or socialism.  Not equal opportunity, but equal outcome.  Using Executive Orders and regulations to create everything he wants that Congress won’t pass, Obama has dismantled our Constitution.  No former President has made such a large impact on changing America.  In just a few short years, our capitalistic system is being replaced with Obama’s version of utopia.  Obama may go down in history as the greatest President of all time, only if all the other history books are banned.


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