whitehouse2[1]The President is on vacation in Hawaii, the White House Press Pool is either with the Pres. or on vacation.  The nation is on hold, looking forward to a new year and a new beginning.

It’s the perfect time for the White House to start planning for the off-year 2014 elections.  This Administration is facing many election problems.  Benghazi, IRS, Fast and Furious, and the NSA have not gone away.  They are hanging over the election in the minds of the voters.  If Obama loses the Senate in 2014, his administration will effectively be over.

This week Obama has started his counter attack.  I call it “Operation White House Whitewash.”  The New York Times did a story on Benghazi stating the reason for the attack on our mission was a video on U-Tube.  That was the same video (viewed less than 300 times) the Administration used immediately after the attack that killed 4 Americans.  If you tell a lie often enough, it becomes truth in the minds of those who hear it.  Obama has a creditability problem.  His people are starting to scrub his record to muddle things before the 2014 elections.  The same Benghazi question hangs over Hillary Clinton as she tries to run in 2016.  Of course, one major question that has not been answered:  Where was the President on the night of the attack?  Congress has been rebuffed on the oversight committees since this tragedy happened.  If the Democrats continue to control the Senate, and maybe even take the House, the inquiry will go away.

It has been reported that the I.R.S. has continued to attack the Tea Party and conservative groups trying to get tax exempt status.  Many of these groups STILL have not received a reply on their applications.  Obama said he knew nothing about it, but would get to the bottom of the problem, correct the policies and punish all those responsible.  No action has been taken against anyone and the President now calls it part of the “phony scandals” that the Republicans are promoting.

Fast and Furious was a gun sale gone bad.  Obama claimed Executive Privilege, which means the White House was directly involved.  It is now being reported that a second Mexican drug cartel was on the scene to scoop up the guns.  They were tipped off about the gun buy and sting by the U.S. Government.  The DEA and FBI were both involved in the murder of our border agent.

The NSA scandal has gotten to the courts.  Federal judges have issued decisions both ways.  The question before the courts is does the NSA have the right to capture all communication within the United States just because they can.  To keep us safe, does the NSA have the authority to remove our freedom of privacy.  Obama has sided with the NSA.  This scandal has been reported to Congress on a regular basis.  The Intelligence Committees in both chambers have been briefed on this for several years.

The Administration faces trouble in his last two years in office if the Democrats lose the Senate.  The investigations carried out in the House have not ended.  Obama may have stonewalled the committees, but the House Committees are still digging and slowly uncovering new information.  Any revelations coming out now will impact 2014 and 2016.  It is imperative Obama’s reputation be restored before the next election.  The New York Times have begun that task.  Look for more to follow.


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