US President Obama waves from a golf cart in KailuaAt this time of year it is time to issue a report card on Obama’s first five years in office.  America is going through a transformation.  The success of the twentieth century is far in the distance.  It is time to take stock of where we are now.

The Economy –  The unemployment rate is dropping five years after the start of the recession.  This was accomplished with smoke and mirrors.  Anyone who was unemployed for over 6 months was removed from the rolls of those looking for work.  This reduced the size of the workforce so the percentage of those unemployed dropped.  With 72% of those who found work only finding part-time employment, the rate fell.  Average family income fell $2,500 per family over the last two years.  Although Americans feel the recession is still with us, the government statistics say we are in a recovery.  Obama naturally claims credit for this “success.”

Advances in technology has been cruel to manufacturing employment.  This has been the case since the end of the Second World War.  But in years past, the American spirit created new products and industries that kept the manufacturing sector growing.  Not now.  Today business is struggling to survive.  America has one of the highest tax rates in the industrialized world.  Business does much better moving their manufacturing off shore where governments are much more friendly.

Health Care – We had a problem with our availability to health services.  The poor couldn’t afford to pay the premiums of health insurance.  They received free hospital services but their availability to good doctors were very limited.  When patients developed major health problems, they found their coverage was cancelled and they were not able to purchase other insurance because of pre-existing conditions.  ObamaCare was to correct this.  Instead we find the premiums have doubled and tripled, with such high deductibles that many who had satisfactory coverage now are being frozen out of the insurance market.  Today, five million more people are without insurance than before ObamaCare became law.  There is $500 billion in new taxes to finance the new law.  The wealthy and middle class are financing this transfer of wealth.

Foreign Affairs – America is no longer the policemen of the world.  We are war-weary from our adventures in the Middle East.  When Obama took office, we were winning in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  Obama has withdrawn from both conflicts.  Afghanistan has drifted back toward al Queda and Iraq is dominated by Iran who came in as we left.  Iran is still driving toward nuclear weapons.  With the group of five plus 1, and the lifting of the crippling sanctions, Iran is unimpeded from developing a nuclear weapon.  Israel is stopped from taking action on their own.  Syria, Libya, and Pakistan are all becoming hotspots due to the U.S. disappearing from world leadership.  World War III is much closer today because of the lack of American influence.

Religion – Freedom of religion in America is as strong as ever……. unless you are a Christian.  The government is imposing its will over Christian beliefs on a regular basis.  Priests and protestant ministers are not permitted to mention Christ when ministering soldiers on the battlefield.  God has been removed from the public schools but Allah is just fine.

America has changed in the past five years.  The current Administration has moved America from a can do, will do nation to a country on hold.  The Executive Branch has gathered much more power than previous administrations ever dreamed of having.  Our Congress is impotent.    Freedoms are disappearing rapidly as the government has taken steps to keep us safe.  This is the government we elected and chose lead us.  I deliberately avoided the various scandals.  That will come later.


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