christmas-3[1]Two thousand plus years ago a baby was born that changed the world.  This child wasn’t born of wealth or nobility, but was born in a humble setting, in a stable.  This birth fulfilled the writings of many men over thousands of years.

His name was “Jesus” and he was a carpenter by trade, just like his parent, Joseph.  Jesus spent most of his life quietly, fulfilling the various steps the were written by his ancestors.

During the last three years of his life he started a ministry that challenged the power structure of the known world.  This period of history is the most studied of all time.  Scholars have dissected every recorded word he spoke, every action he took, and every movement he made.  He gave us a new philosophy of what God wants for us.  Jesus brought the dead back to life, healed the sick and forgave sins in the name of God.  His message of peace and love redefined man’s relationship with God.  Jesus predicted his own death, and said it was necessary to forgive man for all the sins the human race committed.  Three days later he appeared again to fulfill his claim to be the son of God.  Jesus accomplished more in his last three years than anyone else accomplished in their lifetime.

Lets fast forward 2000 years.  Today, Christians are being discriminated against around the world.  Christians are murdered around the world just for being Christians.  Even here in the U.S., Christians are losing the freedoms our forefathers guaranteed for us.  Today, Christians are punished for trying to express our religion.  No other religion, except the Jewish faith, faces this hardship.   Christ has been removed from the public schools, Christian symbols have been removed from public buildings, and religious philosophy is being removed from the legal system.  The other religions do not face this discrimination.

The commercial activity has removed Christ from much of the public activity during this season.  It reminds me of the vendors in the temples during the time of Jesus selling doves and lambs.

Lets remember the reason we celebrate Christmas.  It’s to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We give gifts to create joy and happiness to our loved ones.  We gather as families to celebrate this birth 2000 years ago.  This was the start of a journey that changed the world.  You don’t need to be a Christian to open your heart for this season.

I want to wish all my readers, friends and foes alike, a very happy, safe and merry Christmas.  May the spirit of Christmas enter your hearts and minds, and that you are touched by God to live a better life.  May your dreams be fulfilled.  May God bless you all.  Merry Christmas.


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