54859_1383414397[1]These two countries have something in common.  Neither is afraid of the United States.

Iran negotiated an agreement with West that allows them to continue to make nuclear fuel for “domestic power” while we relax the sanctions that were place on them when we discovered they were enriching uranium.  In other words, they continue to make material for nuclear weapons while we relax all the restrictions that were crippling their economy.  Iran stood up to us and won.  Israel knows we can not be counted on to protect their security.

China now claims parts of the East China Sea that contain islands claimed by both China and Japan.  They have told the world they are imposing a no fly zone around the islands.  China has ordered its air force to patrol the area with armed aircraft to enforce their claim.  The major airlines of the world have changed the flight paths of their domestic airlines to avoid this area.  China knows we will talk tough but we will not back up our words.

Countries of the world come in four groups.  The first is the bullies.  These include countries such as China and Russia.  The second group is the weak.  These include all the countries that are exploited by the bullies.  The third is the large number of nations that are not involved and don’t care what the bullies are doing.  The fourth group is the big brothers.  This group keeps the bullies in line by threatening them with the possibility of using force of the bullies don’t step back.  The U.S. was a member of this group.

The U.S. is now a paper tiger and other nations (the bullies) are holding the matches.  Our economy is stagnant.  Our trade balance is a pretty big negative.  Our military has been cut to the bone.  Our tax system pushes the innovators off shore to other countries.  Our school system is falling well behind most other developed nations.  Worse, we have lost out spirit.  America’s days in the sun are behind us.

Our “Big Brother” status is gone.  We are no longer trusted by other nations.  Their doesn’t seem to be anyone in the Middle East that respects us anymore.

We are not at a point of no return, but we’re close.  If things don’t turn for the U.S. in the next two elections, then I’m afraid we will never shed the lead weights around our ankles.

We’ve had a great run as a nation.  We fought two world wars, put a man on the moon and brought him safely home.  We developed manufacturing techniques that brought affordable products to the world that made people’s lives better.  We fed the world, responded to all the worlds disasters.  We brought innovations to medicine, science and technology.


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